Governor General Lord Lytton’s Home and Foreign Policy

 Governor General Lord Lytton’s Home and Foreign Policy      Lord Lytton was sent by Disraeli’s Conservative Government keeping in mind the developments in Central Asia as Governor General in India. Disraeli’s letter to Lytton is particularly noteworthy, in which Lytton was mentioned what to do–“The thought state of Central Asia needs a politician and I … Read more

Administrative Reforms of Lord Cornwallis

 Administrative Reforms of Lord Cornwallis         Lord Cornwallis was sent as Governor-General in India under the Pitt’s India Act to establish peace and reorganize the system of governance. He was a man of high ancestry of aristocratic nature. He had to establish a satisfactory land system in India, and reorganize the governance system along with … Read more

Lord William Bentinck Reforms

 Lord William Bentinck’s social and administrative reforms, end of Sati, end of cheating, end of discrimination in government services | Lord William Bentinck Reforms   Lord William Bentinck is noted in Indian history as a respected Governor General. He put an end to the inhuman practice of Sati against Indian women. William Bentinck started a … Read more

who is the father of motilal nehru | Motilal Nehru family and Biography

 who is the father of Motilal Nehru | Motilal Nehru family and Biography Motilal Nehru Indian political leaders   Born: May 6, 1861 Delhi India Died: February 6, 1931 (age 69) Lucknow India Founder: Swaraj Party Political Affiliation: Swaraj Party Role in: Non-Cooperation Movement        Motilal Nehru, commonly referred to in history as Pandit Motilal … Read more

How much are the Purusharta | It is necessary to understand the meaning of Purusharta

 How much are the Purusharta | It is necessary to understand the meaning of Purusharta   Purusharta       The ideals which were presented by ancient Hindu sages i.e. Hindu scholars for the progress of man and society are called Purushartha. Purushartha is related to both man and society, it explains the relationship between man and … Read more

Nadir Shah’s invasion of Delhi 1738-39

 Nadir Shah’s invasion of Delhi 1738-39           After the death of the last powerful Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1707, the Mughal Empire had become looser and weaker, as security arrangements on the north-western frontier were completely loosened. The later Mughal rulers had turned away from the security of borders in the war of succession. Prior … Read more

who was Chanakya

Who was Chanakya There is only one person who established Chandragupta Maurya from an ordinary child as the Chakravarti emperor of India, whom we know by many names in history–Chanakya, Kautilya, or Vishnu Gupta. Although in the absence of concrete historical information about Chanakya. Based on the information available about him in Brahmanical and Buddhist … Read more

Biography of the hero Napoleon Bonaparte

 Biography of the hero Napoleon Bonaparte       Britain was burying most of the European countries in the eighteenth century. There was a separate kingdom for itself without subordination to it. Corsica is a small island nation with only a handful of countries, including Italy and France, between the two countries. Corsica, with no development, was … Read more