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     North Korea has strange laws that are nowhere in the world. North Korea has always been in controversy due to its system of governance. Sometimes about the dictatorial democracy there and sometimes about the controversial satellite test. The fire raised by one dispute does not cool down and the other starts smoldering. In this country, neither you can cut your hair nor can you run the internet. And the strangest thing is that where today the whole world is living in 2017, only 104 are running in North Korea. Let’s know interesting things about North Korea…

30 Interesting Facts About North Korea

Interesting facts about North Korea

1). The biggest leader and cynical ruler of North Korea is Kim Jong Un. Kim had stripped his uncle naked and threw him in a cage of 120 hungry dogs.

2). The children of North Korea read only about their own country in the name of history and the brave stories of Kim Jong I, Kim Jong II…

3). If you are caught reading the Bible or watching a porn movie inside North Korea, you will get the death penalty immediately.

4). About 99 percent of the people here are educated. It can probably be called the best thing in the whole of North Korea.

5). In North Korea, people not only have to work 6 days a week, but they also have to do one day of ‘volunteer’ work. Yes, and it reduces working day numbers to 7.

6). If you have the illusion that 2020 is going on in North Korea right now, then let us tell you that the 108th year is going on there. This calendar is based on the date of birth of former dictator Kim Il-sung in this country on 15 April 1912.

7) In North Korea, you cannot get your hair cut on your own. Here are 28 types of hairstyles for women and 10 types of hairstyles for men.

8). North Korea is the only country with a necrocracy, which means it still operates under a dead ruler.

9). In North Korea, you cannot celebrate on 8th July and 17th December.

10). There is no internet service in the country. Only VIP people have the privilege to surf the internet. The country has its own operating system named Red Star.

11). There is no arrangement of traffic lights or signals at the intersections here. Here the traffic policemen control the vehicle with gestures.

12). If someone commits a crime in North Korea, he will be punished for the next three generations.

13). The people of North Korea cannot even paint the house of their own free will. They have to paint gray color on the building as per the orders of the government and there is also a rule to put pictures of leaders on them.

30 Interesting Facts About North Korea


14). Only 605 people run the Internet in North Korea.

15). Government-controlled radios are installed in every home in North Korea. Citizens are not allowed to close it.

16). There are only 3 television channels in North Korea.

17). The people here use human excreta as manure.

18). North Korea has the largest army in the world, five times bigger than America.

19). Use of cannabis is legal in North Korea.

20). The government here built a model city called Jong Dong, to attract South Koreans to come to North Korea.

21). If we talk about the poor, almost the entire population of North Korea is living in extreme poverty.

22). 23,000 people have migrated from North Korea to South Korea in the last 60 years. These people were also accused of treason. At the same time, only two people came to North Korea from South Korea.

23). No one can wear jeans in North Korea.

24). You can’t take photos of beggars in North Korea.

25). Around 2.5 lakh North Koreans are incarcerated. These camps have been surrounded by electrifying fencing.

26). Ordinary citizens are not allowed to buy vehicles in North Korea. However, government officials and military officers have been kept out of the ban.

27). In North Korea, elections are held every five years, but people have only one option to choose from.

28). Tourists here cannot even interact with the local people. He is constantly under the supervision of the guide and he is not allowed to go anywhere alone or explore the area.

29). North Koreans are completely cut off from the world. Newspapers, magazines, and news channels do not cover anything from the outside world. He only works to glorify North Korea. Citizens are really living in lies.

30). North Korea was previously believed to be a communist country. But this illusion has also been dispelled by North Korea. North Korea believes in the ‘Juse’ ideology.

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