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50 most important questions and answers in history

Q.1 Who founded the Rashtrakuta dynasty? 

 A-Krishna I 

 B- Dantidurga

 C-Indra II 

 D-None of these

Q.2 Who founded the Sen dynasty? 

A -Ballal Sen 

B -Hemant Sen

C -Vijaysen 

D -Soorsen

Q.3 Which of the following was built by Krishna I, who was the king of Rashtrakuta dynasty? 

A -Ajanta Caves 

B -Ellora Caves 

C -Ajanta Caves 

D -Shiva Temples of Ellora

Q.4 Which period is called Vallabhi period? 

A. -Kushan period 

B. -Mauryan period 

C. -Mahajanapada period 

D. -Gupta period

Q.5 Indian cotton is more white than other cotton. Whose idea was this? 

A -Alexander 

B -Herodotus

C -Megasthenes 

D -Ashoka

Q.6 Who was the last Mauryan emperor? 

A -Ashoka 

B -Brihadratha

C -Samprati  

D -None of these

Q.7 Who wrote about Kathavathu in Abhidhamma? 

A -Ashvaghosha 

B -Mahakasap 

C -Mowgliputta Tissa

D -None of these

Q.8 In which yajna sura was used in Vedic period? 

A -Rajasuya 

B -Putreshti 

C -Sautramani

D -Ashwamedha

Q.9 The battle of ten kings took place on the bank of which river? 

A -Vitasta 

B -Parushani

C -Ganga 

D -Sindhu

Q.10 Who established Sompuri University? 

A -Rampal 

B -Dharampal

C -Gopal 

D -None of these

Q.11 Whose coins were minted by the Kushanas? 

A -Gold 

B -Silver 

C -Copper 

D -All of the above

Q.12 Which university was founded by Rampal? 

A -Sompuri 

B -Jagdal

C -Vallabhi 

D -None of these

Q.13 From which lineage was Gautam Buddha’s mother Mahamaya? 

A -Lichchavi 

B -Solanki 

C -Shakya 

D -Koli

Q.14 Who developed Vallabhi University? 

A -Gopal

B -Kumargupta 

C -Dharmapala 

D Bhattarak

Q.15 Who developed Vikramshila University? 

A -Mahendrapal 

B -Dharampal

C -Gopal 

D -Kumarpal

Q.16 Nalanda University was developed during whose period? 

A -Chandragupta 

B -Skandagupta 

C -Kumaragupta

D -Samudragupta

Q.17 Which part of Buddhism does not believe in idol worship? 

A -Hinayana

B -Mahayana 

C -Vajrayana 

D -None of these

Q.18 Which pitaka tells about the ethical code of conduct? 

A -Vinaya Pitaka

B -Abhidhamma Pitaka 

C -Sutta Pitaka 

D -None of these

Q.19 Which text tells about the teachings of Buddhism? 

A -Abhidhamma Pitaka 

B -Vinaya Pitaka 

C -Sutta Pitaka

D -b and c

Q.20 During whose period did the Mahayana sect of Buddhism develop? 

A -Ashok 

B -Kalashok 

C -Kanishka

D -Ajatashatru 


Q.21 Maurya was a metaphor in administration —–

(A) stage-manager

(B) Testing of gold, silver and copper

(C) Testing of coins

(D) study of maths

Q.22 In the Maurya period, the head of measurement and weight was ——-

(A) Head of the Institution

(B) Lavanadhyaksha

(C) Head of Duty

(D) Pautvadhyaksh

Q.23 The famous ruler of ancient India, who adopted Jainism in the last days of his life—-

(A) Chandragupta Maurya

(B) Ashok

(C) Samudragupta

(D) Bindusara

Q.24 Indica was written as—–

(A) Seleucus

(B) Megasthenes

(C) Kalidas

(D) Pliny

Q.25 The reign of Ashoka in India was——

(A) 273-232 BC

(B) 273-242 BC

(C) 273-222 BC

(D) none of these

Q.26 Which of the following ancient Tamil texts are related to grammar?

(A) Shilpadikaram

(B) Manimekhale

(C) Tolkappiyam

(D) Purananuru

Q.27 Who among the following was the first to launch gold currency on a large scale?

(A) Kujul Kadphises

(B) Vim Cudges

(C) Milind

(D) Kanishk

Q.28 The commercial establishment of Rome in India was first discovered in which of the following?

(A) Arikamedu

(B) Muziris

(C) Bharuch

(D) Tamralipi

Q.29 Who among the following gave protection to Charak?

(A) Chandragupta II

(B) Milind

(C) Pushyamitra Shunga

(D) Kanishk

Q.30 Who among the following was Tocharian?

(A) Hind-Yavan

(B) Saka

(C) Parthians

(D) Kushan

Indian History GK Questions

Q.31 Shunga ruler Agnimitra was the hero of the work of which of the following writers?

(A) Patanjali

(B) Ashvaghosha

(C) Kalidas

(D) arrow

Q.32 What is considered the beginning of idol worship?

(A) Pre-Aryan period

(B) Later Vedic period

(C) Maurya period

(D) Kushan period

Q.33 The famous Sun Temple at Konark was built—-

(A) Prataparudra

(B) Anantvarman

(C) Narasimha 1

(D) Narasimha 2

Q.34 There were Indagai and Valangai.

(A) Social class

(B) Shaivism

(C) State function

(D) Vaishnava cult

Q.35 Was Pattinam?

(A) Temple-city

(B) Industrial City

(C) port-city

(D) trading town

Q.36 Who was to write Mahabharata in Tamil language during the Sangam period?

(A) Kamban

(B) Kuttan

(C) Villiputtar Alvar

(D) Perundevanar

Q.37 Who among the following discovered the monsoon?

(A) Herodotus

(B) Hippelas

(C) Homer

(D) Ptolemy

Q.38 Which of the following pairs are not correctly matched?

(A) residents of Murugan hill areas

(B) Varun Vanik

(C) Krishna shepherd

(D) Korvai warrior

Q.39 The Kushan rulers were also known by which of the following names?

(A) Yu-Chi

(B) Hind-Yavan

(C) Macedonian

(D) Pahlava

Q.40 The language of religious Buddhist texts written during the reign of the Kushan ruler Kanishka was?

(A) Pali

(B) Prakrit

(C) Sanskrit

(D) All these

Q.41 In which state is Isampur Neem, a center of stone tool manufacturing located?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Goa

(C) Karnataka

(D) Rajasthan

Q.42 Are there palynology studies?

(A) Ancient Vegetation Remains

(B) pollen grains

(C) Ancient animal remains

(D) Examination of animal bones

Q.43 Where is Gufkral located?

(A) Swat Valley

(B) Brahmaputra

(C) Indus Valley

(D) Ganges river valley

Q.44 The flourishing period of Harappan Civilization was…..

(A) 1000-600 B.C.

(B) 2250-1750 B.C.

(C) 1500-1000 B.C.

(D) 1200-800 B.C.

Q.45 Where have the bronze dancer statues been excavated?

(A) Mohenjodaro

(B) Harappa

(C) Chanhudaro

(D) Kalibanga

Q.46 Which of the following was not included in Shruti literature?

(A) Brahmin

(B) Vedanga

(C) Aranyaka

(D) Upanishads

Q.47 Which of the following Shaivism emerged first?

(A) Kapalika

(B) Kalamukh

(C) Pashupat

(D) Kanpata

Q.48 What is the meaning of chromaticity?

(A) Religious assemblies

(B) the end of social classes; mix

(C) Association of Traders

Q.49 Which of the following was not an ‘Agriculture Tax’?

(A) part

(B) Kara

(C) Fee

(D) Haliwakar

Q.50 Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to?

(A) Idra

(B) Aditi

(C) Gayatri

(D) Savrit

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