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Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 07:49 pm

Rupert Murdoch, whose real name is Keith Rupert Murdoch, was born on 11 March 1931. He is an Australian-born American business tycoon, shareholder, and media corporation proprietor. His commerce extends internationally and, from side to side his corporation News Corp, he is the editor of hundreds of local, national, and international publishing outlets approximately the world, including the United Kingdom (The Sun and The Times), and Australia (The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and The Australian).

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Who is Rupert Murdoch

He is the 31st richest human being in America and the 71st richest person in the world. His wealth as of March 2024 is predictable at 1,890 crores USD. He is in the news for his fifth marriage as at present he is 93 years old. His prospective wife’s name is Elena Zhukov, she is 67 years old and is a retired molecular biologist. Zhukova is the mother of Russian Dasha Zhukova, the former wife of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Let us know through this article about various facts related to the life of Rupert Murdoch like his age, net worth, new marriage, and children.

NameRupert Murdoch
Full Name Keith Rupert Murdoch
BirthMarch 11, 1931
Birth PlaceAustralia
Age93 years (as of 2024)
FatherKeith Murdoch
MotherElisabeth Murdoch
SistersJanet Calvert-Jones, and Anne Kantor
WivesPatricia Booker (m. 1956–1967), Anna Murdoch (m. 1967–1999), Wendi Deng (m. 1999–2013), Jerry Hall (m. 2016–2022)
BusinessCEO of News Corp.
Net Worth 2024$18.5 billion (estimated)
Fifth MarriageMurdoch is currently engaged With 67 year old Russian Oligarch Elena Zhukova

The early life of Keith Rupert Murdoch

Keith Rupert Murdoch was brought keen on the world on 11 Walk 1931 in Melbourne, Australia. His dad’s name was Sir Keith Murdoch (1885-1952) and his mom’s name was Woman Elizabeth (1909-2012). Murdoch was the second progeny of his folks. His dad was a conflict journalist who later dispersed two papers in Adelaide. His dad claimed a few media combinations like radio broadcasts and local papers and was likewise the decision-making of the Messenger and Week after Week Times distributing organization. Consequently, Murdoch has a place with an esteemed family.

Murdoch likewise had three sisters, including Helen, who was keen on the world in 1929 and lived until 2004. The succeeding sister was more youthful than her, whose name was Anne, who was brought into the world in 1935, and the third sister’s name was Janet, who was brought into the world in 1939.

Keith Rupert Murdoch’s education

Murdoch had a hereditary talent for journalism and while attending Geelong Grammar School he served as co-editor of The Korean, the school’s official magazine. Also edited the student magazine If Revived. He worked at the Herald in Melbourne and his father prepared him to take up the family business. Studied higher education in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Worcester College [Oxford in England]. He was an admirer of Lenin and kept a statue of Lenin in his room, earning him the nickname “Red Rupert”. He had political qualities since his student days and was a member of the Labor Party while studying at Oxford University. He also contested the election for the post of Labor Secretary.

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Following her father’s death from cancer in 1952, her mother contributed to charitable work as a life governor member of the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. Along with this, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute was also established. Murdoch’s mother died in 2011 at the age of 102, making her the 74th descendant of her family. After this, Murdoch worked as a sub-editor at the Daily Express.

Murdoch’s marital life and marriages

Fifth Marriage 2024- Recently, Murdoch got married for the fifth time. The name of his fifth wife is Elena Zhukova and she is 67 years old and hails from Moscow, Russia. The two met last year in a role played by Murdoch’s third wife, Wendy Dredge. Elena is a molecular biologist.

Mudroch Fifth Marriage 2024- Recently, Murdoch got married for the fifth time. The name of his fifth wife is Elena Zhukova and she is 67 years old and hails from Moscow, Russia.

First marriage 1956- Before this, Murdoch had four marriages. He first married flight attendant Patricia Booker in 1956, and the couple had their only child, Prudence. Divorced Patricia in 1967.

Mudroch First, second fourth wife

Second marriage 1967 – Murdoch married Anna Torv, a Scottish-born cadet journalist who worked for the Sydney newspaper The Daily Mirror. Torv and Murdoch had three children. In 1998, Murdoch announced his separation from Anna. They were officially divorced on June 25, 1999. The couple had three children, Elizabeth Murdoch (born 22 August 1968 in Sydney), Lachlan Murdoch (born 8 September 1971 in London), and James Murdoch (born 13 December 1972 in London). Anna Murdoch received a huge sum of US$1.2 billion in the divorce.

Third marriage 1999 – 17 days after the divorce of his second wife, Murdoch married Wendy Deng of Chinese origin at the age of 67. Wendi Deng was only 30 years old. The couple had two daughters, Grace (born 2001) and Chloe (born 2003). In this way, Murdoch has a total of six children and is the grandfather of seven grandchildren. The relationship ended in 2013 amid suspicions about Deng’s relationship with Tony Blair.

Mudroch Third Wife-Third marriage 1999 - 17 days after the divorce of his second wife, Murdoch married Wendy Deng of Chinese origin at the age of 67.

Fourth marriage 2016- At the age of 85, Murdoch married former model and actress Jerry Hall for the fourth time. The couple got divorced in 2022.

Murdoch did not stop here, before his fifth marriage in 2022, he dated Leslie Smith and proposed marriage to her. The relationship ended after just two weeks in April 2023.

And now Murdoch is engaged again to retired molecular biologist Elena Zhukova in March 2024. The wedding of this new couple will be held in June 2024 at Murdoch’s home Vineyard and Estate, Moraga California.

Recently, Murdoch got married for the fifth time. The name of his fifth wife is Elena Zhukova .

Children of Murdoch 

Child NameMother NameBirth YearAge (2024)
Prudence MacLeodPatricia Booker195866
Elisabeth MurdochAnna Murdoch Mann196856
Lachlan MurdochAnna Murdoch Mann197153
James MurdochAnna Murdoch Mann197252
Grace MurdochWendi Deng200123
Chloe MurdochWendi Deng200321

Know how much property Rupert Murdoch owns

93-year-old Murdoch, born in 1931, is the owner of assets worth 18.9 billion dollars i.e. Rs 1.5 lakh crore. He comes in the list of America’s billionaires. He is the 31st richest person in America and the 71st richest person in the world. Rupert Murdoch bought many big newspapers, including Britain’s News of the World and The Sun. After this, he bought many American publications. Murdoch is the owner of many of Australia’s major newspapers and television companies.

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Murdoch is the owner of many luxurious houses

In 2003, Rupert Murdoch purchased “Rosehearty”, an 11-bedroom mansion on 5 acres of gorgeous waterfront property in Center Island, New York. Subsequently, in May 2013, he purchased Moraga Estate, a luxurious estate in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, which includes a vineyard and winery.

In 2019, Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Jeri Hall, decided to live in Reading. They eventually decided to settle at Holmewood, a magnificent 18th-century manor house and estate located in Binfield Heath, a charming English village about 4 miles northeast of Cambridge.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall spent most of their time isolating at their Binfield Heath home. Notably, Murdoch received his first COVID-19 vaccine dose in nearby Henley-on-Thames on December 16.

Know how many media groups Rupert Murdoch owns

Rupert Murdoch is a prestigious business person and is referred to overall as an independent tycoon, bragging about a great portfolio of possessions and ventures. As Chief of Information Corp, he administers the tasks of Information Global, which as of late came into the spotlight because of the conclusion of the UK’s long-running paper Insight about the World. Murdoch was brought into the world on 11 Walk 1931 in Australia and as of now lives in New York.

He accepted his schooling at Oxford College before wandering into the universe of business. Murdoch is a family man and has six kids. With an expected total assets of $18.5 billion, his impact traverses landmasses. A portion of his striking property incorporates Fox TV, twentieth Century Fox, The Sun, The Times, and numerous different news sources all over the planet. Before long he getting hitched for the fifth time.

United StatesUnited KingdomEuropeAustralia
– Fox Television (including Fox TV, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, FX, SPEED, myNetworkTV)– Sky News– SKY Italia– Almost 150 brands in Australia’s publishing industry, including:
– 20th Century Fox– The Sun– BSkyB (39% stake)– The Australian
– Wall Street Journal– The Times– Sky Deutschland– The Courier-Mail
– New York Post– The Sunday Times– FOXTEL– The Daily Telegraph
– Community Newspaper Group– News of the World (closing)– Weekly Times
– Dow Jones– The Mercury
– HarperCollins– NT News
– News America Marketing– Inside Out
– The Daily (iPad)– Herald Sun
– Gold Coast Bulletin
– ALPHA Magazine

Phone hacking controversy in 2011 linked to Murdoch

This discussion traces back to when Murdoch, alongside his more youthful child James, affirmed before an English parliamentary board regarding telephone hacking. After this, his media bunch went under analysis in England. Since the agents had affirmed telephone hacking in their report. In the interim, insight about Murdoch’s passing was distributed on The Sun’s site and it was subsequently uncovered that the site had been hacked.

Murdoch denied all claims before the board. Even though he later met Millie Dowler’s family to apologize for hacking the voice messages of their girl’s homicide. Furthermore distributed a conciliatory sentiment in the paper. After this, Murdoch’s picture experienced a profound blow. Source-

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