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 [Rizin] Mayweather Responds to Mirai Asakura’s “Awesome” Comment, “Then You Can Do Unlimited R Tomorrow”

A personal interview with Floyd Mayweather (USA), who will take on Mirai Asakura (Triforce Akasaka) in the “Super Rizin” boxing exhibition match (3 min 3R) to be held tomorrow, 25 (Sun), today, 24. was held at an event venue in Tokyo.

[Rizin] Mayweather Responds to Mirai Asakura's "Awesome" Comment, "Then You Can Do Unlimited R Tomorrow"

Before yesterday’s showdown, Mayweather made a rare appearance just in time to the relief of his colleagues. A joyful Mayweather talks about it, confidently saying the same thing he said after a jaw-dropping practice the day before yesterday: whether KO is fast or slow depends on his mood.

Regarding KO, Mayweather said, “It’s up to you how you feel about it. If you want it to end quickly, it’ll end, and if you want it to end in 3R.” If you want, it will end there.”

The match against Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018 ended in the first round, but “at the time, I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve in the United States, so I ended it early so that I could go home on a private jet. This Bar, I want to show as many matches as possible, if you want to end it early, you can end it early.”

The rules for this match were strict, and Asakura complained, “Isn’t he scared?” I don’t even know the rules. I only have one rule. I want to show up in the game. And I just want to play the game. Now I know there are restrictions on the rules. Tell me what the rules are.” And joked. Are you saying Mayweather’s executives negotiated the rules?

On being scared, he said: “You can’t put Mayweather and Fear together because I’ve been to the Olympics and I’ve proven I’m the best. I’m sure he’s saying that but I’ve heard that many times ‘It’s like ordering breakfast,’ he denied.
Furthermore, he emphasized, “If I’m afraid, I can do unlimited R tomorrow instead of 3R, unless someone tells me to stop.”

Regarding this match, he said, “For me, the exhibition match is nothing more than a game. I just had a ruckus at the party yesterday. I’m boxing like I’m breathing, so I can’t take it for me.” away from.” I had unwavering faith.

Regarding used gloves, it doesn’t seem to have been decided yet, but Mayweather said, “I’ve always wanted to use used gloves. I brought the same gloves to Asakura, so Please use the same glove.”

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