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The plane, which missed landing at Montpellier airport on the night of Friday to Saturday, is still blocking the only take-off and landing runway. It ended its race at the tang de l’Or in Maggio. The plane will be pulled out of the water by a crane on Sunday morning.


Why has the plane not been evacuated yet after landing at Montpellier airport?
Image-The cargo plane that ended up at the tang de l’Or in Maugio could not be evacuated. – louzad / facebook


Why has the plane not been evacuated yet after landing at Montpellier airport?

Flights will not resume at Montpellier airport this Sunday morning. The cargo plane, which missed its landing and ended up at the tang de l’Or in Mauguio, is yet to be removed. The front part of this Boeing 737 is submerged. The airport’s only runway is still blocked. The accident happened on the night of Friday to Saturday when it was raining heavily. There were 3 people on board the plane. no one was hurt.

How to get it out of the pond?

So why was the plane still not pulled out of the pond? For many reasons. We had to make sure that the nose landing gear was working and it could roll. Especially since you have to be able to get it out of the water, then flip it over and put it back in the right direction to empty it.

There were several hypotheses on the table: should it be fired? Or pick up?

All the stakeholders have decided. The aircraft operating company, insurance companies, experts, Boeing, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and airport teams have decided to send a crane in the next few hours to move it. It will be necessary to stabilize the place where it will be deployed. This technically complex exercise will start on Sunday morning.

Ecological and financial issues

There are many risks to consider. The first is pollution. Tank leakage should be avoided. Several thousand liters of fuel can be dispersed in water. In addition, absorbent floating socks are fitted in place.

Then there is a bigger financial issue. A Boeing 737 is expensive and it would be necessary to limit breakage by moving it. The Swedish company West Atlantic, which owns the plane, wants to recover it in the best possible condition. And the termination of flights also represents a shortcoming for Montpellier Airport. Typically, 5,000 to 7,000 passengers are welcomed there every day.

Investigation of the circumstances of the accident

Four officials from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis were on site this Saturday to draw conclusions on and around the device. They are responsible for investigating the circumstances and causes of the accident. The BEA has started a security check. Investigators were able to recover the flight recorder. Under the authority of the Public Prosecutor, the air transport Gendarmerie was seized to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

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