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Thousands of athletes take part in the Berlin Marathon on Saturdays and Sundays. So motorists should be specially prepared for the disabled. But buses and S-Bahn trains also run differently than usual.


Berlin Marathon over the weekend: obstacles and twists

Berlin. Roads will be closed and detoured across large parts of the capital as a result of the Berlin Marathon this weekend. Motorists in particular must either switch to other modes of transport or plan their routes well.

Berlin Marathon over the weekend: obstacles and twists

A 42-kilometer marathon for skaters on Saturday and runners on Sunday begins at Strasse des 17. The Juni turns in a large clockwise arc in the direction of Charlottenburg and then through Mobit, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Schönberg, Wilmersdorf, Steglitz, Charlottenburg. and from Mitte to the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Marathon 2022: Which Roads Are Closed and When?

Police and the BVG recommend using the S-Bahn and U-Bahn and placing no parking restrictions for cars. Some metro connections will be strengthened. In some cases, buses and
trains run on shorter or different routes. Motorists can only cross and cross the Marathon route through the Autobahn or the tunnels at Alexanderplatz and Tiergarten. The closure times of all parts of the city and roads can be inquired on an interactive map provided by the organizer on the Internet.

Strae des 17. Between the Brandenburg Gate and the Groer Stern, the Juni is already closed. The area around the Brandenburg Gate and between the Federal Chancellor and the Reichstag will be closed from Friday.

On Saturday afternoon, the entire marathon course was cordoned off for the skater competition. Cars can run again from 7 pm onwards. The route will be closed for thousands of runners again from 7.30 a.m. on Sunday. The situation is expected to calm down on most of the marathon courses from Sunday afternoon.

Berlin Marathon 2022. indications for inclusion

This year’s Berlin Marathon is also about inclusion. Ahead of Sunday’s ongoing event, organizers collaborated with Special Olympics Germany (SOD), enabling various participation options for people with disabilities. For example, special start times and shorter distances are possible.

Runners in the field include motorcyclist Emiliano Malagoli, who lost part of his right leg after an accident, and Nyasha Derera, who endured a difficult childhood and adolescence due to difficulties in intellectual development. “I run to spread the message in every city: Inclusion matters. I also want to represent other Special Olympics athletes and show them, ‘You can do this too!'” Derera said in a statement to the organizers. I have said.

15 Special Olympics runners are also allowed to enter the race on a specially installed starting arch over a distance of 40 kilometers. For the first time ever, 20 SOD volunteers are also involved in the start-finish area, looking after not only the runners but also their care. Also, provide information about the special World Games 2023 in Berlin.

Where will the Berlin Marathon 2022 be televised?

RBB and ARD will broadcast the men’s and women’s game decisions live from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., after which RBB television will continue to broadcast the Berlin Marathon until 2 p.m.

Celebrities among runners at the Berlin Marathon 2022

One of the most prominent participants in the Berlin Marathon is not a professional runner at all. Former world footballer Kaka will cover a distance of 42.195 km for the first time on Sunday. As the 40-year-old announced in the capital on Friday, he wants to try to run under 3:40 hours—a time that’s above average for an amateur. The Brazilian has already covered half the distance.

“What I bring with me from professional sport is more mindset. My body was used to the other movements,” said Kaka, who won 1-0 in the preliminary round with Brazil against Croatia during the 2006 World Cup in Berlin. Won and scored the winning goal. As a footballer, he ran for an hour and a half – but never all at once. He discovered this when he first jogged for 40 minutes without a break.

Kipchoge wants to set a new course record at the Berlin Marathon

Olympic marathon champion Iliad Kipchoge was reticent about his ambitions before returning to the world record route in Berlin. “I am looking forward to a very good race on Sunday,” said the 37-year-old Kenyan on Friday. Four years ago he set the official record at 2:01:39 in the German capital.

In a ZDF interview, however, Kipchoge said he wants to set a course record on Sunday (9.15 pm / ard&rbb). Asked if this would mean a world record, the three-time Berlin champ replied: “You can call it whatever you want, I’m trying to run a course record.” 

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