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Netflix’s Top Boy Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – What is in Sully’s shipment?
Top Boy Season 3 Episode 1

Exploring Netflix’s “Top Boy” Season 3 Episode 1: “Step Back”

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

In the dramatic conclusion of Season 2, Sully carries out a shocking execution of Jamie, a move motivated by a complex web of personal and business motives. As Season 3 kicks off, although it’s technically the fifth season for dedicated fans who’ve followed the series since its humble beginnings on Channel 4, the premiere begins with a stark reminder. Sully’s brutal act is revisited, set against the backdrop of Dushane and Shelley’s peaceful meal as they discuss their plans for expanding their criminal enterprise.

Jamie had represented Dushane’s way out of the treacherous street life, while Sully remains deeply entrenched in it. Sully boldly approaches Dushane in a restaurant restroom with a proposition – he suggests Dushane retire from the dangerous life on the streets and take a percentage while Sully takes the reins.

After the intense opening, the episode transitions into a new phase, delving into the lives of characters attempting to move forward from the tumultuous events of the previous season.

Lauryn, who recently gave birth to Curtis’s baby boy, grapples with bonding with the child due to the traumatic memories associated with Curtis. Meanwhile, Jaq, still in a relationship with Becks, embraces motherhood. However, her new perspective begins to expose her to the harsh realities of the streets that she had previously overlooked.

Stef is haunted by Jamie’s demise, exacerbated by the painful sight of Sully dropping his daughter off at school. On the other side, Aaron is working in Leeds, and Stef resides in government housing.

A Puzzling Shipment and an Enigmatic Message

The plot takes a mysterious turn when Sully and Jaq go to meet a drug shipment, only to discover a gruesome surprise – severed heads, including those of Chaash, Mounir, and others from the previous season. Hidden in Chaash’s mouth is a burner phone containing a cryptic message: “Call me.”

The phone number belongs to an unidentified Irishman who claims to have a compelling business proposal for Sully. He mentions that his nephew, Jonny, is in London and will arrange the details. This appears to be more of a command than a negotiation. Fuming with anger, Sully instructs Jaq to clean up the evidence and decides to keep Dushane in the dark.

Sully’s first move is to visit a cozy pub run by Bill and his Irish mother, Linda. Sully has a history with Bill from his time in jail and inquires about Jonny. Bill, initially hesitant, eventually agrees to help Sully due to a favor owed, arranging a meeting with Jonny.

Shelley’s Ambitious Venture

Meanwhile, Shelley has ambitious plans to invest in a chain of nine salons, but she requires Dushane’s capital to realize her vision. She persuades him by highlighting the money laundering potential of such a venture. Dushane is willing to invest the £2.1 million required, but there’s a hurdle to overcome. His £16 million investment in the Summerhouse redevelopment is currently inaccessible, making it a challenging task to access the funds. Dushane, however, is not one to take ‘no’ for an answer and pressures Lithe, expecting a swift resolution to the issue.

Why Kieron Faces Deportation

In a surprising turn of events at Summerhouse, Immigration Enforcement, and the police arrive with orders from the Home Office to deport Kieron. This decision comes despite Kieron’s mother, Diana, having sent multiple letters to the Home Office, explaining that when they arrived in the country, Kieron was just a baby and didn’t require a passport. They entered the country legally, but the country has now arbitrarily decided otherwise.

The police forcefully break open Kieron’s door, assault Diana, and take Kieron into custody. Fortunately, the entire estate, led by Mandy, rallies together in a peaceful protest, blocking the police vans inside the estate with Kieron still inside. The protest gained significant traction on social media, prompting Mandy’s daughter, Erin, and her friend to join in. Dushane also makes an appearance, expressing his frustration with Jaq for making such a commotion about the deportation, given that both she and Kieron are involved in the drug trade.

Netflix’s “Top Boy” Season 3 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Towards the end of the episode, we are finally introduced to Jonny. Bill lures Sully and a couple of his associates into an ambush at a stable. There, Jonny makes his presence known by fatally shooting one of Sully’s associates and issuing a threatening ultimatum to Sully, demanding a 50/50 split.

Due to concerns regarding public safety, the Home Office ultimately decides to release Kieron, leading to jubilation throughout the entire Summerhouse estate.

Back at Shelley’s place, Dushane is still making promises about money he may struggle to obtain while reviewing her investment portfolio. However, he receives a text from Sully, indicating that they need to have a conversation.

Finally, when Jaq returns home, she finds Lauryn asleep and her son in distress. Earlier, we had witnessed Lauryn obtaining drugs from Rowmando, who works for Jaq. The evidence on the couch implies a troubling connection, suggesting that Jaq is indirectly facilitating Lauryn’s drug habit, a sobering revelation.

You can watch “Netflix’s Top Boy” Season 3 Episode 1, titled “Step Back,” exclusively on Netflix.

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