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Prithviraj Chauhan (Prithviraj III) | Prithviraj was the son of Maharaj Someshwar and Queen Karpooradevi. He was born on 1223 AD. He was the last majestic ruler of the Chauhan dynasty of Ajmer.

Prithvi Raj Chauhan

There is a mention of Someshwar’s queen being ‘Kirpadevi’ in the inscriptions, who is written ‘Karpuradevi’ in Surjan character, and from her two sons were born to Prithviraj and Manakraj. In the book book of Bahua of Sirohi, there is a mention of Someshwar ki Rani Prankunwar, the daughter of Tanwar Anangpal of Delhi, from whom Prithviraj was born. According to ‘Tod Rajasthan’ and Prithviraj Raso, Chauhan Prithviraj was born from the womb of Kamalavati, the younger daughter of Delhipati Anangpal.

The last majestic ruler of the Chauhan dynasty of Ajmer was Prithviraj III, who was born in 1223 (1166 AD) in Anhilpatan, the then capital of Gujarat. He attained the throne of Ajmer at the age of just 11 years after the death of his father Someshwar around 1177 AD. Its mother Karpoordevi handled its kingdom with great skill in the beginning. Chief Minister Kadambavas (Caimas) was very brave, learned and devoted to Swami and was a relative of Army Chief Bhuvanaikamalla Karpooradevi. The time of protection of Kapurdevi could not possibly last more than a year and in AD. In 1178, Prithviraj took over all the work.

Perhaps considering the power of Kadambavas to be a hindrance in working with his full authority, he appointed some other trusted officers, in which ‘Pratap Singh’ is particularly noteworthy. The author of Raso has written about the murder of Kadambavas by Prithviraj. In the early years, Prithviraj repressed his opponents such as uncle Aparaganya, his cousin Nagarjuna and the Bhandanakas of Mathura, Bharatpur and Alwar region. Apart from Amaragaya, Vigraharaja IV had another son named Nagarjuna. He has decorated the fort of Gudpur (Gurgaon) for the war. Prithviraj defeated the Bhadanakas. Not only this, he ended their kingdom. With this his kingdom was united from Delhi to Ajmer.

Around 1182 AD, Prithviraj defeated the Chandelas (Parmardidev) of Mahoba and took his right there. ‘Alha and Udal’ were two brave generals of ‘Parmardidev’, the Chandela ruler of Mahoba, who had gone to the neighboring kingdom after getting angry with their ruler. When Prithviraj Chauhan attacked Mahoba in 1182 AD, Parmardidev sent this message to both his brave generals. That your motherland has been attacked by Prithviraj Chauhan.

Both Paramveer generals, while fighting valiantly in the war against Prithviraj, attained martyrdom for the protection of their motherland and became immortal in history due to their valor, valor and sacrifice. His valorous song “Jab tak aalha udal hai tumme kaun padi care” still excites the public. The victorious Prithviraj returned after appointing Panjunarai as Mahoba’s successor.

Victory over Chalukyas:

The struggle between the Chalukyas of Gujarat and the Chauhans of Ajmer was going on for a long time. But during the reign of Someshwar, the two had friendly relations. This struggle started again during the time of Prithviraj III. According to Prithviraj Raso, the reason for the conflict was that both Prithviraj III and Chalukya king Bhimdev II wanted to marry Ichhini, the daughter of Salakh, the ruler of Abu. Another reason for the conflict in Prithviraj Raso is that Prithviraj III’s uncle Kanha had killed seven cousins ​​of Bhimdev II, so Bhimdev attacked Ajmer and captured Nagaur and killed Someshwar.

The real reason for the war was that the kingdom of the Chalukyas was extended up to Nadaul and Abu and the boundaries of the kingdom of Prithviraj III were touching Nadaul and Abu. So it was natural for the two to clash. In 1184 AD, there was a fierce but inconclusive war between the two sides and finally around 1187 AD, due to the efforts of Chalukyas general secretary Jagadeva Pratihara, a temporary agreement was reached between the two.

Prithviraj Chauhan-Gahdwal enmity:

The enmity between the Chauhans and the Gahadwalas about Delhi had become a natural phenomenon. On this question, there was a war between Vigraharaj IV and Vijaychandra Gahadwal in which Vijaychandra had to be defeated. Digvijay’s policy of Prithviraj and Delhi issue greatly increased the enmity between Prithviraj Chauhan and Jaychandra Gahadwal. Both were ambitious rulers. In this animosity, the abduction of Jaychandra Gahadwal’s daughter Sanyogita by Prithviraj Chauhan further increased.



According to Prithviraj Raso, Sanyogita was the daughter of Jaychandra Gahadwal. There was love between Prithviraj and Sanyogita which was disregarded by Jayachandra. Jayachandra organized the Rajasuya Yagya, along with which the swayamvara of Sanyogita was also composed. But Prithviraj was not called there. To humiliate Prithviraj more, he erected his iron idol at the place of the gatekeeper. When the time of swayamvara came, the princess put a garland around the neck of the idol of her lover Prithviraj. Chauhan king also reached the spot with his military force and tactfully picked up Sanyogita and left. Taking Sanyogita to Ajmer and married her.

Historicity of Sanyogita:

Dr. Tripathi, Vishweshwarnath Reu and Dr. Ojha express doubts and try to prove that this entire story is fictional. Dr. Dashrath Sharma (Early Chauhan Dynasty), C.V. Vaidya considers the abduction of Sanyogita as historical. Similarly, Rashtrakuta ruler Indra, who was a feudatory of the Chalukyas, forcibly took away the Chalukya princess from the mandapa. Writers like Chandrashekhar and Abul Fazal have recognized the story of Sanyogita. Prithviraj Vijay also indicated that Prithviraj had received an Apsara named Tilochana, who incarnated as a princess.


 Prithvi Raj Chauhan was related to which dynasty?

Prithvi Raj Chauhan was related to the Chauhan or Chahamana dynasty ruling Delhi and Ajmer.

How many queens did Prithviraj Chauhan have?

Sanyogita was very beautiful among the thirteen queens of Prithviraj. Sanyogita was also known by other names like Tilottama, Kantimati, Sanjukta etc. His father was King Jayachand of Kannauj.

How many kg sword did Prithviraj Chauhan have?

If you add the weight of armor, spear, armor, shield and sword, then 207 kg.

How was Prithviraj Chauhan killed by Mohammad Ghori?

Similarly, Prithviraj Chauhan, who had become blind in both his eyes, killed Ghori with his rhetorical arrows. At the same time, the sad thing happened that as soon as Mohammad Ghori was killed, only after that Prithviraj Chauhan and Chandravardai killed each other to avoid their misfortune. In this way Prithviraj avenged his insult. But historians do not believe this to be true. Because this thing has not been mentioned by any medieval historian.


Tales of the bravery of Prithviraj Chauhan

In the story of his bravery, there is also an anecdote that he had once killed a lion without any weapon. Hearing these tales of bravery of Prithviraj, his grandfather Agan, who was the ruler of Delhi. He declared him the successor of Delhi. He had built Qila Rai Pithora by sitting on the throne of Delhi. At the age of 13, with his bravery, he defeated the mighty ruler of Gujarat, Bhimdev. They are also recognized for their huge army, according to the opinion of historians, there were 300 elephants and 3 lakh soldiers in their army, this army also had a large number of horsemen.


Chandravardai and Prithviraj Chauhan were childhood friends. Who wrote Prithviraj Raso.

Praise or mention the valor of Prithviraj Chauhan:-

His empire was growing very fast. Then a Muslim ruler, Mohammad Ghori, caught sight of Delhi and Delhi was attacked many times by Mohammad Ghori. In different texts and stories, the war between Mohammad Ghori and them has been told in different ways.

  • According to Prithviraj Chauhan Raso, Prithviraj Chauhan had defeated Mohammad Ghori thrice.
  • According to the Hamir epic, Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori 7 times.
  • According to the Prabandhakosh, Prithviraj Chauhan had released Mohammad Ghori as a prisoner 20 times.
  • According to the famous epic, Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori 21 times.
  • According to the Prabandhachintamani book, Prithviraj Chauhan had arrested Mohammad Ghori 23 times.

Most of the texts mention that Mohammad Ghori was defeated 17 times and he was defeated for the 18th time. This is called the First Battle of Tarain. In the first war in 1191 AD, the Muslim ruler Sultan Mohammad Shahabuddin Ghori tried to defeat them by fighting again and again but it could not happen.

He had defeated Mohammad Ghori 17 times in the war and had forgiven many times showing generosity and leaving. But on the 18th time, Mohammad Ghori had defeated Prithviraj Chauhan and took him captive with him. Both Prithviraj Chauhan and Chandravardai were taken captive, and as a punishment, their eyes were pierced with hot bars. Went. In this situation, he did not give up and he started preparing to defeat Mohammad Ghori.
last moment

Mohammad Ghori asked Chandravardai to ask for his last wish because Chandravardai was close to him. In them were full of the qualities of shooting slang. This information was passed on to Mohammad Ghori. After which he also gave approval for performing arts. Where Prithviraj Chauhan was about to perform his art, Mohammad Ghori was also present there. He along with Chandravardai had already planned to kill Mohammad Gauri.

Take His revenge back:-

As soon as the gathering started, Chandravardai had said a line in poetic language. Four bamboos twenty-four yards Angul Asht Praman ta Upar Sultan Hai Mat Chuke Chauhan. Hearing the couplet, as soon as Mohammad Ghori spoke well, at the same time Prithviraj Chauhan, who was adept at slang, fired an arrow. Going towards the arrow, it hit Mohammad Ghori directly and Ghori had died.

After this, it happened that after Mohammad Ghori was killed, he and Chandravardai killed each other to avoid misfortune. In this way, he avenged his humiliation. When Sanyogita heard the news of Prithviraj Chauhan’s death, she also took her own life.

Insult of the tomb in Afghanistan:-

Prithviraj Chauhan’s mausoleum is still present on the outskirts of Ghazni city of Afghanistan. Here for 800 years, Rajput rulers used to humiliate Prithviraj Chauhan’s tomb as a devil by plowing on it. After which the Government of India had decided to get his ashes to India. Because in the eyes of the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mohammad Ghori remains a hero, while they consider him their enemy because they killed Ghori. Due to this reason, the people there humiliate the Samadhi of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Second Battle of Tarain:-

  • He was defeated and died in this war in 1192 AD. Mohammad Ghori defeated another powerful ruler Jayachandra in 1194 Spek in the battle of Chandawar.
  • This was a true and kind-hearted Rajput ruler. Who forgave his enemy 17 times.
  • He fought to get his love and played friendship till his death.
  • Vasudev is believed to be the founder of the Chauhan dynasty.

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