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     Among the Mughal rulers, the name of Akbar is taken with great respect. The reason is that Akbar worked for the benefit of all. Akbar defeated many warriors on the battlefield during his reign. Akbar remained victorious in the war with Hindus, Muslims, and many other communities. But there was also a warrior who had tasted defeat to Emperor Akbar on the battlefield. The last Hindu ruler Hemu Vikramaditya defeated Akbar with his huge army and got his name written in golden letters in history.

This is the story of Emperor Hemu, who defeated Akbar and won the title of Vikramaditya by winning Delhi.


     Historians do not have clear information about Hemu’s lineage, but it was certain that Hemu was born from a very ordinary family. His childhood was spent in Rewari, a city in southwest Delhi. Hemu started working as a handmaiden to help his family financially. But after the death of Sher Shah Suri in 1545, his son Islam Shah ascended the throne and made Hemu the controller of the market. Gradually, Hemu rose to the position of Chief Advisor due to his work.

      Then after the death of Islam Shah, the reins of governance went into the hands of Adil Shah. Hemu became the chief minister of Adil. During this time, Hemu faced the Afghan rebels firmly and fought many wars. He won in about 22 wars. The Suri rulers also had an old enmity with the Mughals. An army led by Humayun defeated Sikandar Shah Suri, brother-in-law of Adil Shah. When Humayun died in 1555, Hemu took it as a good opportunity and attacked the Mughals. Hemu put an army on a bus march and drove the Mughals from Bayana to Agra. The governor of the Mughals in Agra thought it better to run away from there instead of fighting. Hemu accepted his victory when he defeated the Mughal army at Tughlaqabad. He won this battle by defeating Tardi Beg Khan. Then the next day Hemu attacked Delhi and won. This victory earned him the title of Vikramaditya.

      Hurt by these defeats, Akbar left with his ten thousand soldiers. On 5 November 1556, Hemu’s army and Akbar’s army came face to face, this war took place in Panipat. Akbar’s army badly injured Hemu’s weak army. But still, Hemu was overshadowing everyone. When he was very close to victory, then an arrow came and got stuck in his right eye and he died. Then Akbar’s guard Bairam Khan asked to behead Hemu, then Akbar refused to behead the dead man. So Bairam Khan beheaded Hemu and sent it to Kabul.

     This was the story of a brave warrior who won the battle but lost it by luck. Hemu’s bravery and his morale make him the emperor.

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