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New inventions are not over in the world of technology. Let us tell you that now Google has launched its AI Technology Board. The reason for launching it is to compete with Chat GPT-3. Due to this, it is being brought to the market so soon. Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself posted this information in an official blog.

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Difference Between Google Bard AI and ChatGPT

Sundar Pichai told that with its arrival, the difficult tasks of the people will be done easily. At present, the company has released only a few of its testers. After this, if it is successful then it will be launched in the market as soon as possible. Let us know what is the difference between ChatGPT and Google Bard AI.

Difference Between Google Bard AI and ChatGPT

The launch of new artificial intelligence developed by tech giant Google aims to compete with AI powered by its main competitor, Microsoft

Google has launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, in the US and UK. The technology company hopes to compete with Google, ChatGPT, an AI program launched in November 2022 by OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, and which has gained over a million users in less than a month. With Bard, Google hopes to corner the market for generative chatbots and bring new features like direct access to Google to update information in real-time.

Contesting to Lead the Generative AI Race

The race to lead the generative AI race has begun. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in ChatGPT, last month adding the product to its Bing search engine. Additionally, it has revealed plans to bring a version of the technology to its Office applications including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Google has been more cautious in its strategy and has been slow to launch its Bard AI chatbot, but it hopes to compete with ChatGPT.

Importance of Generative Chatbots

Generative chatbots are an increasingly important tool for AI development. They are programmed to answer questions using natural human-like language. They can write anything from marketing speeches to computer code and student essays. This makes them very useful for a variety of applications from customer service to content creation.

4 Major Differences Between Google Bard and ChatGPT

There are four major differences between Bard and ChatGPT:

1-Up-to-date data: Unlike ChatGPT, Bard can access up-to-date information from the Internet and has a “Google It” button that provides direct access to search engines. ChatGPT’s knowledge database only extends to the year 2021, so it cannot answer questions about recent events.

2-Data source: Bard is a descendant of an earlier Google language model called Lambda, which was never fully opened to the public. Bard’s power allows you to name-check the sources you look up data from, such as Wikipedia.

3-Safety: Bard is programmed not to answer offensive questions and has filters to prevent you from sharing pornographic and harmful, illegal, sexually explicit, or personally identifiable information. But “like any method, these security measures sometimes fail,” said Zoubin Ghahramani, vice president of Google Research.

4-Prejudice: Although Google Bard can access up-to-date information, Google warned it would have “limitations” and said it could share misinformation and show bias. This is because it “learns” from information in the real world, where such biases currently exist, meaning that stereotypes and misinformation may appear in your answers.

Google Bard – A Tool for Adults

Bard, the Google chatbot that can help in writing essays, has been launched recently. However, it’s only available to anyone over the age of 18, which means that underage students won’t be able to use it to do their homework.

Although some teachers see value in chatbots to help with education, other teachers caution their students against using them. Google has promised to monitor Bard to make sure it adheres to its AI principles and avoids creating or reinforcing bias. Although Bard cannot express opinions or adopt a persona, he can copy the writing style of others.

Bard’s ability to present more accurate information

Bard’s launch has been extremely cautious, and while some see enthusiasm for this type of technology, there are also horror stories about some disturbing manipulations by chatbots. This means that these powerful tools, which are still in their infancy, have the potential to be a major threat to many different types of jobs.

In addition, there is a theory that chatbots may completely replace the lucrative Internet search business in the future. So while the launch of Bard is a step forward for Google in the AI race, the company remains cautious and mindful of the challenges it faces.

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