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Google Ad Center: New platform lets you adjust personalization, collapse topics, and more

Google continues to generate the largest portion of its revenue from ads, which are most effective when they are personalized and targeted to the individual user. Because suitable advertising is not only in the interest of the company but also for the users and partners, now a new portal is being launched. In the new Google Ads center, automatically defined subject areas can be read, adjusted, or personalized disabled.

The main reason why Google Ads is so successful is that it is personalized. This also applies to some other advertisers, but as is well known, it causes frequent discussions. It is a well-known fact that personalized advertising brings in far more revenue – both for the network and the advertiser. Personalized advertising can also be a good thing if you don’t reject and block advertising as a principle. But algorithms cannot know everything.


Google Ad Center: New platform lets you adjust personalization, collapse topics, and more
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The user profile is constantly being adjusted based on a number of prompts, which every user can very well see. If you are looking for a product or topic, you will be overwhelmed with ads related to this goal in the next few hours or days. This can sometimes be less effective, so Google is now launching a new ad center in which these topics can be read and removed. Because there are some reasons why researched topics do not fit.

    Imagine you’ve researched your last beach vacation thoroughly and now, after returning from your vacation, you don’t want to see any more vacation ads. With My Ad Center, you can click the three-dot menu next to such a holiday ad and choose to see that type of ad less often. You can also see ads for things that are important to you, eg. B. Propose sneakers or Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

    In addition, there may be some topics that you do not want to deal with at all. With My Ad Center, you can restrict ads related to topics such as alcohol, dating, weight loss, gambling, pregnancy, and parenting.

Something like this can be defined and fixed in the ad center. You can also deactivate personalization there, but as already mentioned, it’s not necessarily effective. Then you can also use an ad blocker. In addition, “advertiser pages” are now being launched around the world, with which you can find out more about advertisers. There you will find advertisements for the last 30 days as well as some additional information.

    To provide more transparency, we are improving the description of ads with new advertiser pages. Users can access this information in our new My Ad Center panel and view ads from a specific verified advertiser for the past 30 days. For example, let’s say you see an ad for a quote that interests you, but you don’t know the brand. Advertiser pages allow you to visit an advertiser’s website or learn more about it before making a purchase.

And now how did you get to the new center? Through the context menu of personalized ads and for a few days now even through a direct link to a Google account: My Ad Center.

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