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Tulsi Gabbard Announces She's Leaving the Democratic Party, Calls It 'Elite War Party

Gabbard was running for president in 2020 as a Democrat.

Former Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard announced that she is leaving the Democratic Party, declaring it as an “oligarch of fighters” and calling for other “free-minded, common-sense Democrats” to join. Is …

“It is difficult for me to stay in the Democratic Party of today, the party is now under the control of cowardly and weak leaders, who are engaged in provoking every issue by making us white-black (racial) and fighting, actively taking our God-given freedoms, are working to undermine . . . are hostile to people of faith and spirituality, protect criminals at the expense of police and law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders to persecute political opponents National security arms the state, and above all, brings us even closer to nuclear war,” Gabbard said on Twitter.

Gabbard represented Hawaii’s Second Congressional District as a Democrat from 2013 to 2021, and in 2020 she ran unsuccessfully for the party’s presidential nomination. In a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday, she claimed that the party she is throwing is for the “powerful elite”, not the people.

“If you still can’t digest the direction that so-called Democratic ideologues are taking in our country, I invite you to join me,” she said.

Gabbard coincided with the launch of a YouTube podcast series called “The Basil Gabbard Show”. The first uploaded is a 28-minute episode titled “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party”, which details her joining the Democratic Party as a young woman, “Democrats Opposing the War in Vietnam”. Inspired by.” And those who stood up for the plantation workers in Hawaii.

Chief among the reasons for curtailing her 20-year term as a member of the Democratic Party, she said, was her fear that “President Biden and the Democratic Party elite would allow us to risk starting World War III with a nuclear warhead.” will allow.”, And destroy the world as we know it.”

Gabbard also said that her candidacy for the presidency (2020) was also due to the imminent (nuclear holocaust).

“I was in the presidential race because I knew which way we were going. Everything indicated. I raised it every day on the campaign trail and on the national debate stage for people who might have come to the town hall . . or those who were watching, I’m sure they noticed, but the politicians and the media completely ignored it.”

In her announcement and throughout the episode, Gabbard made several points of traditionally conservative talk, reiterating right-wing rhetoric like “weakness” and “elite” and harassing top Republican leaders in regular broadcasts.

She accused Democrats of turning American democracy into “a banana republic,” a term that Republican leaders believe in, especially given the FBI’s search of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago tick residence in August.

The MAL raid is another escalation in the use of weapons by federal agencies against the regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden are treated with baby gloves. The regime is now employing 87,000 IRS agents against its opponents. Keeping it? The Banana Republic” wrote Florida Governor Ron. DeSantis after the raid.

Gabbard has been a longtime Fox News contributor, hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid in August.

The unprecedented raid on his Palm Beach home (Donald Trump’s home) earlier this week has put our country in a dangerous position. “Now, whatever your opinion of Donald Trump, it cannot be denied that these guerilla actions have given rise to a dangerous practice, And there’s no stopping.” She said on the show.

Gabbard did not announce her next steps, or whether she would consider jumping into the Republican Party.

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