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Philippines: Student 'anti-cheating hats' exam cap goes viral on social media

 Philippines: Student ‘anti-cheating hats’ exam cap goes viral –BBC.COM

You must have seen many funny photos on social media, a funny photo has come from the Philippines in which the photo of students taking exams wearing so-called “anti-cheating hats” to prevent cheating in the ongoing college examinations is very viral on social media. and people are reacting funny seeing them

Students of a college in the city of Legazpi were asked to wear headgear so that they would not be able to see others’ papers.

Many people reacted by making homemade contraceptives out of cardboard, egg boxes, and other recycled materials.

Her tutor told the BBC she was looking for a “fun way” to ensure “honesty and integrity” in her classes.

Mary Joy Manden-Ortiz, a professor of mechanical engineering at Bicol University College of Engineering, said the idea was “really effective”.

It was recently implemented for mid-term examinations, with hundreds of students sitting in the college in the third week of October.

Prof Manden-Ortiz said his initial request was for students to make “simple” designs out of paper.

She was inspired by a technique reportedly used in Thailand a few years ago.

In 2013, an image went viral showing a room of university students in Bangkok taking exam papers wearing “ear flaps” – sheets of paper glued to either side of their heads to obscure their vision.

Prof Manden-Ortiz said engineers in his training took the idea and ran with it – in some cases innovating complex headgear in “just five minutes” with any junk they found.

Others donned hats, helmets, or Halloween masks to complete the brief.

A string of the professor’s Facebook posts – featuring youth showing off his elaborate creations – garnered thousands of likes in a matter of days, and attracted coverage from Filipino media outlets.

He reportedly prompted schools and universities in other parts of the country to encourage their own students to put together anti-cheating headwear.

Prof Manden-Ortiz said his tutors fared better this year, motivated by the tighter exam conditions to study extra hard.

Many of them finished their trials early, she said — and no one was caught cheating this year.


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