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Samantha Prabhu is suffering from a disease called myositis, know this disease and its diagnosis - Samantha's Health News

Samantha-Myositis: ‘I suffer from a rare disease called myositis’ …. What are the symptoms of this disease?

Samantha announced her illness on the social media platform.

Samantha said on Saturday that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called myositis a few months ago.

Samantha said that she will soon recover from the disease and is currently undergoing treatment.

Samantha starer Yashoda is releasing soon.

For this, the trailer of the Yashoda film was released on the 27th of this month. This trailer got a good response from the audience.

Reacting on social media, Samantha said that the audience response to Yashoda’s trailer was great and also shared about her illness with her fans. He also shared a photo.

In that photo, Samantha is plastered with a saline pipe in her hand. There is a mic in front of him.

“Your response to the trailer of Yashoda was great. It is my love and connection with you that gives me the strength to face tough challenges in life.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with myositis, an autoimmune disorder.

I want to tell you after this disease is cured. But it’s taking a little longer than we thought.

I am now slowly realizing that I cannot be strong in everything every time.

Doctors are confident that it will be completely cured soon.

I have seen both good days and bad days, whether physically or emotionally.

Every time I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, I came out of it. this is the same.

Another day passed to recover from this. I love you. This time too shall pass,” she said in a tweet.

Soon after his tweet, fans, co-stars, friends, and family reacted.

Popular actress Shriya Saran replied to Samantha’s post on Instagram. “You are wonderful as always,” she replied.

Bollywood actresses Kriti Sanon, Kiara Advani, Janhvi Kapoor, and Telugu heroine Rashi Khanna responded.

Earlier there were rumors about Samantha’s health. There were reports that she was unwell and had gone abroad for treatment. Samantha spoke about her latest illness.


Asalenti it myositis

Myositis is a rare disease. It is related to chronic inflammation of the muscles. This includes types. Some types of myositis also cause a red rash on the skin.

The diagnosis of this disease is also difficult. The reasons for this are sometimes unknown. Symptoms of this disease may appear quickly or gradually.

The basic symptoms of this disease are muscle pain, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty in breathing.

According to the ‘Health Line website, about 50,000 to 75,000 people are living with myositis in the US, with 1,600–3,200 new cases per year.

This can happen not only in adults but also in children. Women are more prone to this disease than men.

  Types of myositis

This disease is of five types. 1. Dermatomyositis, 2. Inclusion-body myositis, 3. Juvenile myositis, 4. Polymyositis, 5. Toxic myositis.

And for people suffering from ‘dermatomyositis’, the muscles are affected. A rash appears on the skin. It’s easy to detect. A purple-red rash appears on the body.

These rashes can be seen on the face, chest, neck, back, and eyelids.

Dry skin, inability to rise from a sitting position, fatigue with weakness in the neck, back, and shoulder muscles, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, muscle pain, joint swelling, weight loss, and irregular heart rate are seen.

Inclusion body myositis is more common in men than in women. These symptoms are common in people over the age of 50.

It begins with weakness in the muscles of the wrist, fingers, and thigh. One part of the body is mostly affected. It is believed that it is genetic.

Symptoms include difficulty walking, loss of balance, frequent falls, inability to get up from a sitting position, muscle pain, and muscle weakness.

Juvenile myositis occurs in people under the age of 18. Girls are twice as affected by this disease as boys. Muscle weakness and skin rash.

Violet spots in the eyes, fatigue, mood swings, abdominal pain, inability to climb stairs, difficulty in dressing, and inability to walk.

Affected by ‘polymyositis’ they become lethargic for small tasks. There is severe pain in the muscles. Each case of Paleosol is unique. People with this disease also develop autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms include muscle aches, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, falling down, tiredness, prolonged dry cough, tight skin on the hands, difficulty breathing, fever, and weight loss.

Toxic myositis is believed to be caused by certain types of drugs, including illicit drugs.

Cholesterol-lowering statins are among the most common drugs known to cause this disease. However, it is a very rare disease. It also has the same features as the others.


Experts disagree on the exact cause of myositis.

It is considered an autoimmune condition. In this situation, our immune system attacks the muscles.

In many cases it is not known why. But it is believed that trauma or infection also plays a role in its onset.

Researchers believe that myositis can be caused by viruses such as autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, the common cold, flu, HIV, drug poisoning, etc.

Samantha Prabhu is suffering from a disease called myositis, know this disease and its diagnosis - Samantha's Health News

How to recognize it?

It is also difficult to diagnose because it is a rare disease.

The disease is diagnosed by testing the blood for damaged muscles, testing the level of inflammation in the body, and knowing how many antibodies are present in the body. Tests like electromyography, muscle biopsy, and genetic testing are done for this.

  Is there any cure?

According to the Healthline website, specific treatment is needed based on the person’s symptoms.

In the first phase, high-dose steroids are given in the form of tablets or injections to reduce this autoimmune disease called myositis.

Along with these immunosuppressants are also given to reduce the excess immunity in the body. Some people are also at risk of side effects from these high-dose steroids. Other supplements should also be used so that these drugs do not adversely affect bones.

Due to the nature of this disease, doctors make many changes in the therapy to provide proper treatment.

Physical therapy, exercise, stretching, and yoga can make muscles stronger and more active.

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