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Cadiz vs Barcelona: Conan Ledesma delivers a defibrillator to save a fan’s life – watch an exclusive moment

Cadiz vs Barcelona: Conan Ledesma delivers a defibrillator to save a fan's life - watch an exclusive moment


Conan Ledesma stopped the game and brought a defibrillator from the Barcelona camp. He then ran across the pitch to hand over the medical kits to the paramedics.


Not all heroes wear hats, but some come with padded gloves. That’s how fans are praising Conan Ledesma, who helped save a fan during the Cadiz vs Barcelona football match on Saturday.

In the 81st minute of a La Liga game at the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, a supporter suffered a cardiac arrest at the home end.

Cadiz goalkeeper Conan Ledesma was one of the first to realize the medical condition, and his quick action probably helped save the fan’s life.

The 29-year-old Argentine player ran across the pitch and threw the medical kit back into the stands.

Following this development, Cadiz issued a statement giving a systematic description of the events.

“At the time when the match against Barcelona Football Club was called off due to a health warning in the stands at the south end, 81 minutes of play had been completed”. Protocols established with the Red Cross were quickly triggered, leaving one person in cardiac arrest. got help.

“A medical team went to the stand with a “defibrillator and monitor, after which the medical team began the resuscitation operation. At the same time, football club Barcelona offered a second defibrillator, if its use was necessary, to be moved to the field by the players themselves. was going.

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