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What is a search engine, what are the types of search engines – complete information

What is the search engine? What are the types of search engines? What is the way the search engine works? What is the type of search engine? What is a search engine explained


search engine history
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     Friends, today we are telling you about Search Engines, how many types of search engines are there, and where we use them. Nowadays, Google is used more as a search engine, there are many other search engines, but nowadays, how many types of Google Search Engines are there in every company’s mobile – complete information is inbuilt in Hindi, so we have to get any information. And Search Engine is not needed.

Even in today’s era, there are many people who do not know about Search Engines. Whenever we have to do some search, we open Google itself and do not know about any search engine, that is why today we are giving you information.

What is a search engine?

    In today’s internet age, most people have a computer, laptop, or mobile, so when we have to search for something, then we go directly to Google Chrome. People do not know how many types of search engines are there – complete information is in Hindi. Whenever we do some search on the search engine, we should know its keyword, as soon as you enter the keyword, you will get all the information related to it. The job of the Search Engine is to show the Internet’s database on our screen. Then we get all the information by clicking on the website related to it.

When was the search engine invented?

     Search Engine was first invented in Canada in the year 1990. Where 3 scientists invented it, whose names are Alan Amtag, Bill Heelan, and Peter Dutch. And what are the types of Archie Search Engines – Complete information invented in Hindi. After this, in the year 1991, a new version of Arki came, which was named Gophers. In that era, no search engine used to open a direct website, first download it, and after that, we used to see the website on it.

History Of Search Engine

  •  In 1990, a year after the establishment of the World Wide Web (www), the first search engine Archie was born in the Internet world.
  • It was created by three computer science students Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan, and J. Peter Deutsch from McGill University of Canada during their college days.
  •  After this, Archie’s new form Gophers came in the year 1991.
  •  This was followed by a Webcrawler search in 1994, which still works today.
  •  After that came 1995, the world’s first popular search engine Yahoo!
  •  After this, some other search engines like Magellan, Excite, Infoseek, Inktomi, Northern Light, and AltaVista also came into the market but they did not last long.
  •  In the year 1997, the king of the Internet world, Google, changed the definition of surfing the Internet.

What is the way search engines work?

What is the way search engines work?

Generally, the search engine works in 3 ways, which we are telling you below-


When we do some search on the Internet with the help of a search engine, then the search engine stores thousands of websites in the database server by bringing millions of programs on the Internet, this process is called crawling.


When the crawl does its work and the data it receives, listing all the data in the database is called indexing.


The ranking is calculated by the number of times the post of a website is used by the keyword, according to this the rank of a website is indexed. Whenever we do some search on our search engine, the search engine finds it, for this the search engine uses algorithms. this is called ranking

Search Engine Usage

  • Many people use search engines for different purposes, which we are telling you. Many people use it for their entertainment but most people use it for their research.
  •  And he uses search engines to get the answer to whatever question he had in his mind. In this, internet users do many things sitting at their home such as online shopping net banking websites.
  •  But create your account. Different types of people use it according to their interests and search through Search Engines.

Top 5 Search Engines In India


    Google is the most used search engine in the world. There are about 63000 searches per second on Google. If seen on the basis of this number, there are about 2 trillion searches on Google every year. Google was started in 1997 by American computer scientists Larry Page and Surgeon Brin. Google has a share of about 92.81% of the search engine market share, the biggest reason for Google’s popularity is its information database.


Bing is created by Microsoft. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer started it in the year 2009. Bing is second in the list of a popular search engines after Google, Microsoft replaced BHIM with its old search engine Life Search on NSN Search. Bing is at number two with about 2.38% share of the search engine market share.


Yahoo is also a well-known name in the world’s largest search engine. Apart from being a search engine and portal, Yahoo also provides many other services. yahoo mail is the most famous of these. Compared with Google, yahoo is not able to show as fast and accurate results and perhaps that is why it is not so preferable as a search engine.


AOL is an American web portal and online service provider company. Although AOL Search Engine is not used much in India, it is a great search engine according to Hindi search. Millions of Hindi websites and blogs are present in this, which provide you with information in the Hindi language. Its share is considered to be around 0.06% in the search engine market.


Yandex has got the status of the most popular search engine in Russia. Yandex is famous in Russia just as google is the shadow in India. It was started by Arkady Valozh and Arkady Borkovsky in 1997. Apart from a search engine, it also provides many other services. Its market share in India is only 0.01%. Finding information on Yandex is as easy as on Google.
search engine type

 general search engine

When we search for a particular topic, then the search engine always shows what we have searched, it gives us all the information related to that topic, which is searched on the basis of keywords, this is called Journal Search Engine.
meta search engine

When we search a topic through this search engine, it appears on many search engines at the same time and this search engine removes its duplicate files, this saves a lot of time for the user and we are in the same way. Search Engines make available a lot of information. Example- DuckDuckGo, DogPile

 Specialized Search Engine

When we want to get information related to a particular topic, then it is easily searched through this search engine and appears on our screen, this search engine works in a limited area only. Such as Local Search Engine (JustDial), and Shopping Search Engine (Yahoo Shopping).

Crawler-Based Search Engines-

 Search engines that run only and only with the help of computer programs (also called spiders, crawlers, or bots); They don’t need anyone. They are called crawler-based search engines. Example-

 Directory-Based Search Engines-

 Those search engines in which only and only websites selected by a team of people are shown, do not automatically show any website. They are called directory-based search engines.
Hybrid Search Engines-

Those that use search engine crawlers/bots, as well as human-selected things, are called hybrid search engines. Eg- Google, Yahoo

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