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Agnipath Yojana – Agnipath Scheme – The youth selected under Agnipath Yojma will get a salary of 30 thousand rupees per month for the first year. Along with this, the facility of saving schemes like EPF / PPF will also be provided. Thus, in the first year of the Agneepath scheme, a total of Rs 4.76 lakh will be received. For four years, this salary will reach 40 thousand rupees monthly, that is, in the last year, the total will be 6.92 lakhs.

What is Agneepath Scheme?, Know complete information related to Agneepath Scheme

  •  The youth will have to serve in the army for four years.
  •  Other allowances will be received along with salary every month.

        The Union Defense Minister Shri Rajnath Singh announced (14 June 2022) the Agneepath scheme for four years of service for the youth in the Army, saying that this would increase employment opportunities. The skills and experience that the youth will gain during Agniveer Seva will help them find employment opportunities in various sectors. The army chiefs of the three armies were present on this occasion.

     Drawing further attention to the negative aspects of this scheme, defense expert PK Sehgal told news agencies that this scheme could become a snarl of the government’s neck. He said that there is a lot of unemployment in the country and the government will prepare Agniveer by recruiting 46,000 people at once and then removing them from service after four years will bring them great disappointment.

 What is Agneepath Scheme?, Know complete information related to Agneepath Scheme

      Through the Agneepath scheme, the government is trying to make the profile of the Indian army force as youthful as the profile of the country’s population. Now the matter of important issue which is coming in your mind is that according to Agneepath scheme what will be the conditions for this and who will be eligible and how much salary and facilities will be available. All this information will be given to you in this blog. So read this blog completely and if you like then definitely share this information with your friends.

Who will be eligible to become Agniveer?

  The youth who will be eligible to be admitted to the Agneepath scheme must have completed at least 17 years and 6 months of age and the maximum age is 21 years. Under the Agneepath scheme, the selected youth will serve in the Indian Army for four years, which will also include a training period. The recruitment will be as per the service conditions and standards prescribed by the Indian Army.

How much salary will be received if the Agneepath scheme is selected?

     The government will give a monthly salary of 30 thousand rupees for the first year to the Agniveers who are selected in the Agneepath scheme. Along with this, the savings scheme will also give the benefit of EPF / PPF. Thus Agniveer will get a total of Rs 4.76 lakh in the first year. In the fourth year of service, this salary will be 40 thousand rupees monthly and 6.92 lakh rupees annually.

Salary will get the following allowances

    Along with the annual salary, some allowances will also be given by the government to the Agniveers. Will cover risk and hardship, food, dress, and traveling allowance. If found ineligible during service, full salary and interest for a non-service period will also be available (exempt from income tax). It has also been made clear that Agniveer will not get gratuity and pension. Along with this, an insurance cover of 48 lakhs will also be available during the service period.

The first batch will come in 2023

   Under the Agneepath scheme, the recruitment process will start within 90 days. Thus the first batch of Agniveers will arrive in 2023. This scheme will be applicable to all the three wings of the army.

A certificate will be given after completion of training

The service to the nation during the Agneepath scheme and the training of military skills and experience, discipline, physical fitness, leadership qualities, courage, and patriotism during the service period will be imparted. In this way, the personal data of each Agniveer will be prepared and a certificate will also be provided.

The government’s drug scheme will make the youth financially strong.

   The government believes that the youth prepared from the Agneepath scheme will be patriotic and disciplined, as well as 11.71 lakh rupees in four years will strengthen them financially so that they will move forward in the future.

Opportunity to volunteer for army recruitment after four years

      The Army will also retain 25 percent of Agniveers who will be competent, capable, and adept. But its benefit will be available only when the army recruitment is going on at that time. For this, Agniveer, who has served four years, will be able to volunteer. This project will also provide financial help for the army.

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