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history of internet

when internet was invented

How was the Internet invented?: The Internet today has become an important part of our everyday life, today the world cannot be imagined without internet, it can be said that it is almost impossible to move forward without the internet because today most of our work with the help of the internet. Happens from now on.when internet was invented?

Today, if people want to know something or do research, then they can do it very easily through the Internet, the invention of the Internet has revolutionized this world of technology.

But have you ever thought that the internet which has brought a revolutionary change in our life, how was that internet invented?

So let us now without wasting time let us know,when internet was invented? how the internet was invented? What is its history?

History of Internet

    Telegram and telephone networks were mainly used for communication before 1960. Messages were mainly sent with the help of telegraphy and at that time the telephone network was used for voice. But today the world has changed completely and it started with the invention of the Internet, which revolutionized the whole world.

By the way, the bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison, and the telephone was invented by Graham Bell, but no such information was found about the Internet that it was invented by any one person.

Internet was invented from generation to generation and to its development, many computer scientists have contributed significantly.

It is a matter of 1960 when there was a cold war between Russia and America and due to this war, America wanted to connect all its computers together to advance in the field of technology and for this, first of all in 1962, ARPA (ARPA) in America. Advanced Research Projects Agency) was established which worked under DOD (Department of Defense).

The main purpose of this agency was to connect the computers of the American Defense with each other.

In 1967, in the meeting of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), ARPA presented the idea of ​​”ARPANET” in which each device was connected with IMP (Interface Message Processor). These IMPs (Interface Message Processors) were capable of communicating among themselves.

Whenever data had to be transferred between any two devices, the device used to send that data to IMPs, and then these IMPs used to send that data to other IMPs, then those other IMPs used to send that data to the receiver device. In this way communication between two devices started and from this, the development of the internet started.

ARPA communicated between two computers using a small network, which was named ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

In 1969, ARPANET made four nodes -:

  •     The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
  •     University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  •     Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
  •     The University of Utah.

These four universities were connected as a network through IMPs and the software used to connect them was called Network Control Protocol (NCP), which provides communication between hosts.

After this, in 1974 Vint Cerf and Kahn used TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to connect the two computers. Vint Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP / IP protocol and the person who created the architecture of the Internet, so Vint Cerf is also called the Father of the Internet.

January 1, 1983, is considered the official birthday of the Internet because on this day a standard version of the TCP/IP protocol was released which allows computers in a network to communicate with each other.

Prior to TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), there was no standard protocol that allowed computers to communicate with each other in a network. In this way the Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) was developed and from this, the Internet was also born.

Internet in today’s time

In today’s time internet is being used everywhere. If you want to send a message from one device to another, then the internet is used for that. Even on distant planets, the Internet is being used to send its commands to robots or satellites.

Actually, we are completely surrounded by the internet and it has become almost difficult to live life without the internet.

Today, 440 million computers are directly connected to the Internet, making life easier for people around the world.

Today, sharing information and knowledge has become extremely easy for those with access to the Internet. The country with the most Internet users in China, with 1.4 billion users, followed by India with 1.3 billion and the United States with a little over 0.3 billion.

How the Internet started in India

Internet in India was started on 15 August 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL). Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited This was the only company that brought the Internet to India for the first time.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited connected all the computers of the world with India through its telephone line. In the early days, only 20 to 30 numbers of computers were connected to each other because the speed of the internet was not very fast at that time. 100 times less than today.

After the 1990s, people’s interest in it increased a lot, and only in 1998, did our government allow private companies like the idea, airtel, and Vodafone to provide internet service, and this year the country’s first website Indiaworld. com started.

In the early days, it was said that the Internet is only an option in India, but after some time its popularity went on increasing and today India is in the first place in terms of Internet data usage in the world.

Today, along with our daily routine, we use the Internet to do some important work like mobile banking, live TV, and data transfer.

Nowadays, along with providing service to the people in India, it is also providing employment. Everyone from child to old age is using the internet whether it is for their entertainment, to study, or to learn something.

At first, the Internet was used only on the computer, then, the Internet connection was also added to the mobile so that more and more people could access the Internet.

In today’s time, Internet has been connected to all our gadgets and in the coming time also it will be connected to everything and will make our work easier.

Development of Internet

1969: A US Department of Defense network connects four university computers and introduces ARPANET. It was developed for educational institutions.

In 1972 AD: This was a time in history when electronic mail and e-mail were introduced for the first time.

In 1973 AD: This was the time when the Internet Protocol was designed. At such a time, such a thing had been developed so that any user could download the file of any computer at any time.

In 1986 AD: The National Science Foundation, an organization, created ARPANET as a very large network for the first time.

In 1988 AD: In this, a person named Jakko Okreinne of Finland developed Internet chatting for the first time.

In 1989 AD: CRN developed a new information technology known as the World Wide Web that was based on hypertext. With this technology, Internet users could download data from any other site at any time.

In 1993 AD: A person named Mark Andreessen developed a navigating system called Mosaic. Such software has generally been used for graphics.

In 1994 AD: At this time many browsers had come into the market, and accessing the Internet became very easy.

In 1995 AD: A business website was started at this time whose purpose was to promote business.

In 1996 AD: Now it is easy to operate the Internet. And people were taking a lot of interest in it.

In 1999 AD: People became very eager to buy goods online.

In 2003 AD: Now there was a boom in the number of internet users which was much higher than the previous record.

FAQ -: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When did the internet first come to India?

Ans: The Internet came for the first time in India on August 15, 1995.

Q2. Who is the founder of the Internet?

Ans: Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf are considered to be the founders of the Internet.

Q3. How did the Internet start?

Ans: The Internet started in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to share information. Computers in the 60s were large and stationary and to access the information stored in a single computer, one had to either approach the computer key or have magnetic computer tapes sent through the traditional postal system.


Friends, in today’s article, we talked about the history of the Internet and learned how the Internet was invented? What is its history? and how the internet started in India

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