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Who is Sundar Pichai!!

Sundar Pichai, whose full name is “Pichai Sundararajan”, is an Indian and American business executive. Currently, he is the CEO of Google LLC, before that he was working on the post of Product Chief of Google and on 10 August 2015 he was appointed to the post of CEO. He has illuminated the name of India in other countries on the basis of his work and talent.


Some interesting facts about Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai Biography

Real Name:      Pichai Sundararajan

Nickname:       Sundar Pichai

Occupation:     CEO (Google)

Date of Birth:   12 July 1972

Place of Birth: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Age:     12 July 1972 to present

Zodiac Name: Cancer

Religion:      Hindu

Caste :          Tamil Brahmin

Nationality:  American

Home :        Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Address:       America

Eating Habit: Non-vegetarian

Sundar Pichai Salary !!

20 lakhs USD (2020 )

Sundar Pichai House!!

A $6.8 million home in Brooklyn, USA, and a $650 million home in Brooklyn, New York
Net worth-        $1310 million (1.31 Billion)- 2022
Average Annual Income      $220 Million

  • Pichai was born in a Brahmin family in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • His mother Lakshmi was a stenographer and his father Raghunath Pichai was an electrical engineer of GEC.
  • His father had his own manufacturing plant which produced electrical components.
  • He was brought up in a small apartment in Chennai.
  • Along with their studies, he was also a good cricketer during his school time, and in view of his leadership skills, he was also made the captain of his cricket team.
  • He and his brother had to live in the same room together because their apartment was of only two rooms.
  • He not only earned a degree in metallurgy from one of India’s most prestigious institutions, but also earned a scholarship to Stanford University, where he studied materials science and semiconductor physics.
  • At the time of sending him abroad, his father had to face a lot of difficulties, because he did not have much money.
  • Still unaware of the fact that he was not a Googler from the beginning, he had previously worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.
  • He joined Google on the day when Gmail was launched, that date was April 1, 2004.
  • His wife was his batchmate in IIT Kharagpur and due to their strong bonding, he married her despite being away for many years.
  • His wife is a chemical engineer.
  • Both Satya Nadella and Pichai were trying their best for the post of CEO of Microsoft but later Satya Nadella got this position.
  • In 2011, Pichai chose to leave Google and join Twitter’s core team, but fearing a loss, Google offered Pichai $50 million in shares and kept on his own.
  • Believed to be one of the most politically correct and neutral officials, Pichai has consistently remained at loggerheads with Andy Rubin, the former head of Android. And when Pichai won the round and Rubin finally pulled the Android team out of Google, he left to work on a robotics project.
  • This Google is known as the third CEO.
  • Everyone believes that it was Sundar Pichai who asked the then CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt to launch the Google web browser, which we know as Google Chrome and now it has become the most famous browser in the world. has missed.
  • Pichai has a huge contribution in bringing the Android team forward. Before Andy Rubin took over, the Android unit was known as a core unit within Google.
  • The floods in Chennai in 2015 affected her grandmother badly for almost 4 days, due to which she had to stay on the second floor of the building for 4 days.

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