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NATO is a huge military alliance of the whole world, which is present almost all over the world. America is the largest member of this organization on the basis of regional treaty and member countries, and Iceland country with 200 soldiers is the smallest member of NATO. Concerned about events like World War, the whole world did not have such incidents in future, so that scholars of many countries together established the United Nations.

What is NATO? NATO ka full form | How many member countries are there in NATO? Information about NATO member countries

To give power to this organization, many countries shared their armies and formed a powerful military organization, so that strict action can be taken against those who work against the country’s rules. If you did not know about NATO yet, then in this article you are being told in detail about what is NATO, what is the full form of NATO, and how many member countries are there in NATO.

NATO Full Form

NATO is an international organization, consisting of a group of members from many countries. The full name of NATO is ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’. Its Headquarters is located in the city of Brussels, Belgium.

What is NATO (NATO)

    NATO is a powerful military organization with a political partnership of North America and Europe, which was established in the year 1949. Organized after the Second World War, the first main objective of this organization during that time was to prevent the spread of the Soviet Union and to limit its growing scope. In order to maintain political unity in the European continent, America used NATO to end the nationalist ideas growing in Europe.

    But in the year 1947, NATO was started with the treaty between Britain and France. This treaty was made after the Second World War to face the attack from Germany. In 1949, only 12 founding member countries of NATO were the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and Iceland. A powerful military organization established by NATO works in the event that a member of a non-NATO organization is attacking the country of a member associated with NATO. During this, the rest of the members of the organization provide assistance and security through political and military to the country facing the attack.

The specific details of shared security are set out in Article 5 of the Declaration. It states that if a country attacks with a weapon one or more members living in North America or Europe, it shall be deemed to have attacked all of it. In addition, in the event of an armed attack, according to Article 51 of the United Nations Declaration, one or more members shall, in consultation with each other, act with military assistance to maintain the security of the North Atlantic region, if necessary, by the member under attack. can do

In the year 2001, when the 9/11 attacks on America, Article 5 was used once. In NATO, the North Atlantic Council and Nuclear Strategy remain for the resolution of political matters, the same Military Committee is established for the task of military activities, which has its own command center.

NATO Objectives

  • NATO was started to stop the communist ideologies of the Soviet Union growing in Europe.
  • To guarantee security and freedom to the nation of its respective member through political and military force.
  • To encourage the manufacture of suitable equipment and weapons to meet current and future threats.
  • To establish solidarity and harmony among the countries associated with the organization.
  • To ensure peace in Europe based on the values ​​of democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the administration of law.
  • To protect the territory of the member countries associated with NATO and try to overcome the crisis.
  • No member associated with the organization can be compelled to exert his full potential in the matter of national security.
  • Along with collective defense, cooperative security is also encouraged to avoid new threats from the international level.
  • You can also demand protection from your allies to avoid possible threats from the sea or from it. counter terrorism

Why NATO Established

     World War II had ended. Even after this, the Soviet Union violated international treaties by siege of Berlin in the year 1948 by refusing to withdraw its army from Eastern Europe. This behavior of the Soviet Union caused a stir in other countries of Europe including America that the Soviet Union should not establish communist rule there. For this reason, America established an organization that could save the western countries from the violation of the Soviet Union. The US established NATO on April 4, 1949 in Washington.

What is NATO? NATO ka full form | How many member countries are there in NATO? Information about NATO member countries

How many member countries are there in NATO (NATO Countries Member)

     Initially 12 countries participated in the NATO organization and signed theirs. Even after this, other countries have been becoming a part of this organization from time to time. Whose present number has gone up to 30. The list and year of countries joining NATO are as follows: 

1-Belgium (1949)        2-Canada (1949)       3-Denmark (1949)

4-France (1949)           5-Iceland (1949)       6-Italy (1949)

7-Portugal (1949)         8-UK (1949)             9-US (1949)

10-Norway (1949)     11-Netherlands (1949),12- Luxembourg (1949)

13-Turkey (1952)       14-Greece (1952)         15-Germany (1955)

16-Spain (1982)        17-Poland (1999)      18-Czech Republic (1999)

19-Hungary (1999)      20- Bulgaria (2004)    21-Estonia (2004)

22-Slovenia (2004)       23-Latvia (2004)           24-Lithuania (2004)

25-Romania (2004)      26-Slovakia (2004)        27-Albania (2009)

28-Croatia(2009) 29-Montenegro(2017),30-North Macedonia (2020)

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