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     To portray the character of a person’s life, that is, the entire life story of a particular person is called biography. The English meaning of biography is “biography”. In biography, the events happening in the life of a particular person are depicted with artistic and beauty. Biography is the triveni of history, literature and hero.

Annotated Biography

How is a biography written?

  •     Note down (Write Important moments) …
  •     Choose the main characters of the story…
  •     Write freely (Write freely) …
  •     Make strategy …
  •     How to Write Autobiography …
  •     Edit Book…
  •     Get Feedback…
  •     give the final touch to the book

        In literature, autobiography is the story of an author describing his own life. It is similar to but different from memoir. Where in the memoir the author writes about the society, circumstances and other events around him, the center in the autobiography is the author himself.

       Carlyle also argued that the study of great men was “profitable” for its own heroic side; That by examining the lives such heroes lead, one cannot help but uncover something about their own true nature.

Meaning of Biography

     The word biography is made up of life; It describes the life story of a person. The English word Biography also gives the same meaning. Bio Life Graphics Description. On the one hand, there are gross external events of life in the life cycle. Some interesting, some amazing. On the other hand there are certain characteristics of a person’s character which can become inspirational to the reader. In biography, the inner mental development of a person is depicted through the major events of life. In biography there is a harmonious depiction of the external and the internal.

Features of the biography

Features of biography are :-

1) Biography is written of that person who has the characteristic features and people can take inspiration from that person’s life. From this point of view, generally the biography of famous people in history and famous in their field is written. There has been some change in this attitude in the modern era. Now in literature there is an emphasis on writing for the common man by the common man. In the new era, biographies of people who are not well-known are also written.

 2) The purpose of biography will be served only when facts and events are authentic. Otherwise it would be fiction, in which the ideal character or storyteller is created. Biography is not fiction, so unless it is authentic, people will not consider it inspirational. This also adds to the credibility of the author. The author should use letters, diaries, memoirs of others written on him, personal relationships, interview conversations with that person, etc., if possible.

3) The author should have respect, reverence and pride for the hero (or heroine) in the biography, so that he can highlight the salient features of the ideal character. The job of the writer is not only that he presents the events in a historical sequence. He discovers those characteristics of the ideal character, which are not visible at first sight. There are many types of biographies based on sensibility and relationship with ideal character. These are soul biography, popular biography, artistic biography and psychological biography.

4) No matter how close the author may be to the ideal character, however faithful he may be, his portrayal should be neutral and impartial. They should not hide or enhance anything from their side; They should not convey messages or draw conclusions on their own behalf.

5) Despite the neutrality of the description, the illustration should not be flat and the description should not be boring. Vibrant illustrations and engaging style are the ultimate attributes of literary biographies.

Definition of Biography

     According to Dr. Ramprakash (DU Professor) in the modern period, due to the abundance of “prose” along with “prose” and the abundance of the composition method of various genres, in place of the old-fashioned character-poetry, new forms of poetry have also been developed. The tradition of writing prosaic characters or biographies continued, whose short and unanimously definitional name is “biography”.

In the biography, there is a depiction of the past and a systematic description of true events. In the biography, the author portrays the life struggles of a person as well as his inner nature and personality.

Famous litterateur Shri Ramnath Suman has written that “The name of the description of the events of life is biography. Here the writer puts the hidden development in the life of the hero, the secret of his personality, his main life and puts it in front of the readers, there the art of biographical writing is meaningful. The art of biographical writing is not satisfied only by showing the visible form of a man from above, it penetrates that cover and reveals the inner nature and inner truth.

Keeping in mind the above nature of biography, Babu Gulabrai has presented its definition in these words, “Biography is not a depiction of events but a depiction. It is the genre of literature and has all the qualities of literature and poetry. He is an artistic representation of the inner and outer nature of a human being.

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