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     Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrated on the third Monday in January, Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday honoring the United States’ most famous civil-rights activist. Read special information related to King Jr., known for his struggle for social rights in America …


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Who does not know Martin Luther King well? Even today many people are influenced by him, but he himself was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, the priest of non-violence in India. Taking inspiration from him, Martin started his movement against apartheid in America. His non-violent protest is also known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Due to this, he became famous all over the world. One of the major reasons for this was that it was America’s first major mass movement.

     Because of this movement, he was rewarded in 1965 for running a non-violent movement against apartheid in American society. He is the youngest person in the world to receive the Nobel Prize. He gave the amount received under this award to the civil rights movements. He is also called Gandhi of America.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?

     Martin Luther King Jr., who was awarded the Nobel Prize, is recognized for the struggle for social rights in America. Martin was very much liked in the 1950s and 60s due to the struggle for social rights in America. His firm belief in non-violent protest helped set the tone of the movement. Martin Luther King Jr had a long struggle against apartheid and class discrimination in America. Even today, he is counted among the big leaders of the world.

The Early Life of Martin Luther King Jr.


     America’s Gandhi Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in the year 1929 in Atlanta (Georgia) America. Dr. King conducted a successful non-violent movement against discrimination against the Negro community in the United States. King and Coretta tied the knot the same year they were invited to speak at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church (Alabama, Montgomery), the same year they were arrested by Rosa Parks after a black woman killed Montgomery. Was opposing discrimination against blacks in government buses. It was only after this that Dr. King started the famous bus movement.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

when did martin luther king die

  He was shot and killed in the United States in the middle of 1968. A big movement for civil rights arose in America. Its biggest hero was Martin Luther King Jr. In 1963, the Washington Civil Rights March was called to demand rights for the African American community. During the March 1963, he gave a speech by the name (I have a dream) standing on the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. This speech is counted among the most important moments of the American Civil Rights Movement. 1964 marked an important achievement for Martin Lutter King Jr. That is, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded.

The Role and Contribution of Martin Luther to the Civil Rights Movement in America

     Martin Luther King Jr. fought a long battle for equal civil rights for American Africans (blacks). He made a significant contribution to the implementation of equal civil rights for all citizens regardless of race. In particular, he campaigned for major civil rights activities, emphasizing the importance of nonviolent protest.

King Jr. Contributions and Agreements

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    What did Martin Luther King Jr. not do to progress the civil rights movement? He served as a pillar for equal rights for blacks from whom civil rights activists around the world drew inspiration. He was a beacon of hope for African-Americans.


Luther was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

     In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was rewarded for running a non-violent movement against apartheid in American society at the age of just 35. Martin Luther King Jr., who was born in the US state of Georgia, had a record when he was given the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize, a feat that King had never been given before. It shows the importance of the work done by them. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929 in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. King took a doctorate degree in theology.

Do you know when the Civil Rights Movement was first opposed?


The civil rights movement was organized by King for the first time in America in 1955, which was the first time it was organized on such a large scale.. Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, his non-violent protest is also known as Montgomery Bus Boycott. King advocated a non-violent civil disobedience movement against apartheid. Their peaceful demonstrations also faced violence at some places. Despite this, King and his supporters persisted and their movement continued to grow stronger.

Martin Luther King Jr Achievements

      In 1959, he visited India. Dr. King wrote many articles in the newspapers. Two of his books are ‘Stride Toward Freedom’ (1958) and ‘Why We Can’t Wait’ (1964). In 1957, he founded the South Christian Leadership Conference. Dr. King’s favorite quote was – We are not what we should be and we are not what we are going to be, but thank God we are not what we were. He was shot dead on 4 April 1968.

    In August 1963, he gave a speech standing on the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. In 1964, he also became the youngest person to win the Nobel Prize. This memorable speech of King was first published in 1983 in The Washington Post.

Montgomery Buses Boycott


      In 1955, King led a boycott against city buses in Montgomery, Alabama. There were separate seats for white and black people in the city buses of Montgomery in the US state of Alabama. One day a black woman, Rosa Parks, refused to give up a seat reserved for her to a white man. Rosa Parks was arrested. After this, blacks boycotted America’s bus transport.

Black people boycotted buses for 381 days

     The people of America boycotted for 381 days taking inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas like non-cooperation and satyagraha. Martin Luther King Jr played an important role in this. After this movement, the Supreme Court of America declared this arrangement of separate seats unconstitutional.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

     In the late 1950s, Luther King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to deliver his peaceful message of civil rights to the world. Because of his commitment to peace, non-violence and equality, King’s civil rights protests made a real impact in American society. Without question, Martin Luther King Jr., with his well-thought-out elegance, carried forward this movement.
non-violent social change

     Even when his oppressors used force and cruelty, Luther King stood firm on non-violence. On January 30, 1956, Luther King’s house was also bombed. He and his members prayed against these violent discrimination.

Civil Rights Movement in Washington DC

    In 1963, a massive march for equal rights was organized in Washington, D.C. in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement, which saw a massive crowd of more than 200,000 followers, protesting racial discrimination in schools and the workforce. He demanded a minimum wage for all workers. It was the largest convention in the history of Washington, DC.

    Between May and August 1963, there were more than 1,350 demonstrations in 200 cities. Racial had started happening in many places. However, there was no tension at many places. King gave his historic speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Following this speech and March, King became the Times Person of the Year in the same year.

African American Civil Rights Movement

      King’s civil rights movement lasted from about 1955 to 1968. Its goal was to end racial discrimination in many areas, including public transportation, employment, voting and education. During this, non-violent protests and civil disobedience created many crises, forcing the government to intervene.

  • Civil Rights Act 1964: It prohibited discrimination in employment and public accommodation on the basis of race, colour, religion or national origin.
  • Right to Vote Act 1965: This act restored and protected the right to vote.
  • Nationality Services Act of 1965: This allows immigration from groups other than people from traditional European countries.
  • Fair Housing Act 1968: It prohibited housing discrimination in both sale or rental.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s death

    Martin Luther King Jr. was standing on his second balcony at the Lauren Hotel (Memphis) and it was April 4, 1968, Tennessee. He was there to support the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ strike. He was shot that evening, after which he died at the age of just 39.

    Monday, January 18 marks the 35th anniversary of a public holiday in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Martin Luther King Day is celebrated as an American public holiday and is celebrated globally on the third Monday of every January.

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