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 When was the Cold War

     After the end of World War II, America was established as a superpower of the world. On the contrary, countries like powerful Russia, Great Britain had lost their power. As a result, the world was divided into two groups, one on the side of Russia and the other on the side of America. Now these two countries started spreading propaganda against each other for the purpose of increasing their power, which is known in history as  ‘Cold War‘ which continued till 1991 till the dissolution of Soviet Union.

when was the cold war


 When did the ‘Cold War’ start

     In August 1945, the US dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Japan had to kneel. After this the second world war came to an end.

As a result, the world was divided into two groups, one on the side of Russia and the other on the side of America.

What is the Cold War

    Cold War is a war in which no weapons are used. This war is not direct i.e. directly, but indirectly. No date is fixed for the start of this war, as it is a diplomatic war. Only this war can be measured by estimate that how long it has lasted. In this war, no soldier or civilian of the country gets injured or died in the war.

     But due to a diplomatic war, a powerful country can definitely be successful in causing great damage to another country. Which can also be called a diplomatic victory in a way. When this war starts, then all the countries of the subject are divided into two factions. At present, speculations are being made about this war in view of the situation of America and China. One of the specialties of this war is that it can go on for a very long time, because there is no limit due to the absence of weapons in it. If you also want to know the definition, origin, phase, cause and result (with quotes) of what is called Cold War, then here information is being given about it.

 ‘NATO’ Cold War

    The formation of NATO fueled the Cold War. The Soviet Union saw this in opposition to communism and in response tried to establish its influence in Eastern European countries by organizing a military organization called the Warsaw Pact.  NATO also influenced US foreign policy

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Definition of Cold War

      If many historians are to be believed, it has also been seen as a fight between two types of systems of running the government i.e. capitalism and communism.

     The Cold War was a war of words that was fought only with paper balls, magazines, radio and propaganda tools. During this war, neither any bullet was fired or weapons were used nor there was any kind of loss of life in it. Both America and the Soviet Union (Russia) continued to fight indirect wars in most parts of the world to maintain their own interests. All measures were also taken to stop this cold war, not to turn into an arms war. It was just a diplomatic war. In which both the superpowers had taken all measures to humiliate each other.

 According to KPS Manon,

“Cold War consists of two opposing ideologies Capitalism and Communism, two systems Bourgeois Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship, two factions – NATO and the Warsaw Pact, two states America and the Soviet Union and two leaders. There was a war between John Foster Illas and Stalin, which had an impact on the whole world.

Origin and causes of Cold War

  • One of the main reasons was the spread of capitalist and communist ideology.
  • Non-compliance of the Yalta Agreement by the Soviet Union.
  • The ideological differences of the Soviet Union and the US on the world level.
  • The sudden emergence of the Soviet Union as a powerful nation.
  • Soviet intervention in Iran
  • Soviet Union Open Intervention in Turkey
  • The spread of communism in Greece.
  • Controversy on the Second Front
  • policy of appeasement.
  • Ignoring the Balkan Agreement by the Soviet Union.
  • America’s nuclear program also became a reason.
  • There was conflicting propaganda globally.
  • The termination of the land-lease agreement also became the reason.
  • Fascist forces getting US support |
  • The Berlin dispute has been the reason.
  • Frequent use of veto power by the Soviet Union.
  • Narrow national interest based on narrow nationalism can also be considered as a reason.


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Stages of Cold War

  • The first phase of the development of the Cold War is considered to be from 1946 to 1953.
  • After this, the second phase of the Cold War is considered from 1953 to 1963.
  • The third phase of the Cold War is said to be from 1963 to 1979, but this phase has also been considered as a period of ditant or stress sleeplessness.
  • The fourth and final period and phase of the Cold War – has been from 1980 to 1989. (Some experts consider it till 1991 AD)

 how did the cold war end

 The Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev (then President of Russia) put an end to this animosity and presented his national policy with the US as a new method of planning. Thus the changed foreign policy of Russia created a sense of friendship between the two superpowers, thus ending the Cold War. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the power of Russia disintegrated and thus the fundamentalism of communist ideology in Russia came to an end.

Some of the main reasons for the end of Cold War Cold War were as follows:

  1. Liberal ideology – The Stalin era began in Russia after the end of World War I. The Stalin era is known as the most radical era of foreign policy in the Soviet Union. Therefore, as part of its changed foreign policy, Russia gave priority to a liberal policy towards other countries, leaving the path of extremism.
  2. Politics of Neutrality – France did not want to spend much money for NATO and was devoted to neutrality in most cases.
  3. Importance of Public Opinion – History is a witness to the fact that the people of that country have to bear the pain of any war. Thus most of the people of the world were now stricken by wars and they wanted to resolve the tension created in the world. were against.
  4. Changes in the Political Situation of Europe – Changes in modern political thought in Europe gave rise to new hopes. The nationality that emerged in Germany broke the German wall. Similarly, political radicalism disintegrated in Poland and friendship was born in the relations between Czechoslavia and Yugoslavia.

  5. America alone superpower – After the end of the Cold War, there was a new turning point in the world political situation and the countries became independent on the basis of regional and linguistic and race. As a result, the Soviet Union disintegrated and new countries were established. As a result, America has now been established as the world’s superpower.


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Results of the Cold War

    The effect of Cold War was seen all over the world, in some countries its effect was less and in some places it was very much. During this war, along with America and the Soviet Union, it had a very bad effect on the entire international politics. Due to this, terrorist organizations were also encouraged in many countries of the world, the cold war can be said to be the cause of terrorism. Apart from this, there was a big impact on the trade and economy of many countries, due to which the economy reached a very pathetic condition.

Cold War Propaganda

  • In the Cold War, importance is given to different methods of propaganda against each other because this war is not fought in any field and no weapons are used, so the Cold War is fought through news, newspapers and diplomacy. defame each other through international forums and other foreign means
  • The Cold War is called a war in the minds, because in it a war-like situation comes to the fore, but war does not take place.
  • The Cold War is not only the name of the ideas but the struggle going on between a superpower like Russia and America.
  • In the Cold War, the situation of military intervention, military treaties, strengthening becomes apparent.
  • The Cold War is also called the war fought by speech. 

 India’s foreign policy during the Cold War

During the Cold War, India always tried to stay away from this war and did not support any group. Be it America’s (NATO) or Russia’s (Warsaw). To stay away from these two factions, India created a separate faction which is called Non-Aligned. Was.

 Who won the Cold War

The dissolution of Soviet Russia in 1991 reduced its power and ended the Cold War. Thus America became the winner of this cold war


The Cold War is the name of the strained relations between the US and Russia, which lasted from 1945 to 1991 and concluded that the Soviet Union disintegrated. Ideological, economic and political differences gave birth to the Cold War. It always went on, sometimes one side would establish its superiority and sometimes others. 


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