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 Seven Years War

The Seven Years’ War was fought between France and England in five continents of the world.

The Seven Years War was seen on the west coast of Africa, India in Asia, North America, Europe, and some Caribbean countries of South America.

This Seven Years War is also known as the First World War because of its prevalence.

seven years war
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 How long was the Seven Years War fought?

The Seven Years’ War was fought in 1756-63 i.e. for 7 years. That is why it is called the Seven Years’ War.

Why was the Seven Years War fought in North America?

Let us first talk about why the Seven Years War was fought in North America? So let us tell you that at that time Britain had 13 colonies in North America.
All these colonies were adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of North America.
Part of this area was the Ohio River Valley which was famous for tobacco production.

England wanted to take possession of this area. On moving west, he would also have had an advantage that he would have got a market to sell raw materials and finished goods from these areas.

Some of the islands in North America were under French dominion and these French possessions were called New France.
Most of the American people were also on the side of Britain because they believed that France would not be able to take control of them while they were in Britain. On the other hand, France did not want the dominance of Britain to increase in this area. Because the increase in the dominance of Britain meant the lag of France in other places as well and Britain gained more influence in European politics than France. Due to this impasse, the Seven Years’ War started in 1756.

England wanted to move west, which was a region dominated by France.
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What was the effect of the Seven Years’ War on India?

As we all know, East India Company and French East India Company had trade in India. That is, whenever a dispute arose between the two countries in Europe, it would have a direct impact on both the companies in India. The Indian version of the Seven Years’ War is called the Third Carnatic War or the War of Wandivash (1758-63).

       The French had to face a crushing defeat in the Battle of Vandiwas in India. Apart from this, the French had to hand over Chandranagar and Pondicherry to the British (East India Company). Political power waned and the British were now established as the only European power in India.

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How did the Caribbean region become involved in the Seven Years’ War?

In the Caribbean region, France and Spain occupied the profitable trade of sugar. Britain defeated both of them in that area and took this trade under its influence.

The Seven Years’ War ended under the Treaty of Paris. Tell us about this treaty.

The Treaty of Paris took place in 1763.
Under this treaty, England received Canada from France and Florida from Spain.
During the war, Britain, France and Spain had taken over many of each other’s trading establishments and colonies. Under this treaty, almost all the territories were returned to each other. Although Britain remained in advantage.

What was the result of Britain’s victory in the Seven Years’ War?

A very important result was that Canada came under the British. Now the British colonists located in North America ended the fear of French invasion. With the end of the fear, their dependence on their native country Britain also ended and these thirteen colonies When Britain curbed this free behavior, the American Revolution started and the United States became independent.

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