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Question: The Treaty of Tilsit dissolved the third faction and Napoleon became the master of the European continent. Discuss the statement.

Answer   – War of France and Russia

The Treaty of Tilsit

                                                                   The Treaty of Tilsit

Table of Contents

    The Third Coalition was formed against Napoleon, in which only England and Russia were left, the rest of the member countries had been defeated by Napoleon. As a result, Napoleon advanced towards Russia and on January 8, 1807, a fierce battle took place between the two armies at a place called Ailo. Napoleon defeated Russia in the Battle of Friedland on 14 June 1807. After this defeat, Emperor Tsar Alexander of Russia met Napoleon in an imperial boat in the Niemen River. On this occasion Napoleon pleased the Czar with his charmingly impressive personality and sweet manners. In the end, the Treaty of Tilsit was signed between the representatives of France, Russia and the administration in the city of Tilsit.

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Treaty of Tilsit (8 July 1807 AD)

There were public and secret conditions in this treaty, which are as follows-

Public Terms:

(1) The sphere of mutual influence between Russia and France was specified. To expand its influence, Russia got the eastern sector and France got the western sector. Russia was given freedom to expand its kingdom towards Finland and Turkey.

(2) France shall not take any money or territory from Russia for compensation.

(3) In Prussia, a new state called Westphalia was created by joining the western region of the Elba river with other German territories and Napoleon appointed his brother Jerome Bonaparte as the ruler of this state.

(4) Poland created a state called ‘Grand Duchy of Warsaw’ by taking most of the area of ​​Prussia and here the Duke of Saxony was made the ruler by giving the title of king.    

(5) Emperor Tsar Alexander of Russia recognized the newly created states by Napoleon and also recognized the states of Italy, Germany and Holland conquered by Napoleon.
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Secret Terms:

(1) The Tsar promised that he would help in establishing friendly relations between France and England by becoming a mediator. If England does not agree to a settlement within a period of one month, then Russia will go to war with France against England.

(2) Denmark, Sweden and Portugal will also be pressured to wage war against England and break trade relations with it and destroy the water power of England.

(3) Napoleon will assist Turkey and Russia in resolving mutual differences and in bringing about a settlement. If Turkey does not agree to the agreement, then France and Russia will jointly divide the Turkish Empire.

Consequences and significance of the Treaty of Tilsit

 (1) This treaty weakened the power of both the European states of Austria and Prussia. The territories of Rhineland and Poland were snatched from Prussia and its kingdom was halved. Now it became the third power in Europe. A huge amount was also collected from him to compensate for the war. This increased the great dissatisfaction of the Admins towards Napoleon.

(2) From the time of the Treaty of Tilsit, the boundaries of the French kingdom expanded greatly. The small states of Europe became frightened by the power and power of Napoleon. A powerful country like Russia also became a friend of Napoleon. Except England, all the countries of Europe started accepting the power of Napoleon. 

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