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Born: 26 September 1987? Pyongyang, North Korea

Political affiliation: Korean Workers’ Party

Notable Family Members: 

Father Kim Jong Ilu

Brother- Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam, Kim Sol-song, Kim Jong-chul

Height- 5′ 4″

Hair Colour- Black

Eye Colour- Black

Age – 34 Year and 5 Month

Husband- Choe Song

Net Worth – $1.5 Million

Kim Yo-Jong

 Brief biography of Kim Yo Jong

       Kim Yo-jong, (born September 26, 1987?), North Korean political official and sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. As a senior official in the Ministry of State Publicity, he did much to sculpt his brother’s public persona. She was widely regarded as one of the most powerful figures in the secret North Korean political system.

Kim Yo Jong childhood and early life

     Kim Yo-jong was the youngest known child of Kim Jong Il and his wife Ko Yong-hui. She grew up with her brothers Kim Jong-chol and Kim Jong-un in relative isolation on a private campus in Pyongyang, and little is known about her early life. She is said to have attended a private primary school in Bern, Switzerland in the 1990s, before returning to North Korea in 2000. In 2007 she graduated from Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang with a degree in computer science, and in the same year she was named a junior cadre in the ruling Korean Workers’ Party (KWP).

 Kim Yo Jong’s Political Life


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    After Kim Jong Il suffered a stroke in 2008, members of the North Korean political elite began to formalize Kim Jong-un’s position as successor. As Kim Jong-un’s profile rose, so did his sister. Kim Jong Il and her brother-in-law Jang Song-thak ensured that Kim Yo-jong would have a role in the succession, and she accompanied her father to official functions. 

    North Korean state media initially did not emphasize Kim Yo-jong’s presence on these visits, but, at the time of Kim Jong Il’s funeral in December 2011, he regularly accompanied Kim Jong-un, senior members of the Kim family. was making a public appearance. , and highly placed KWP officers. After the death of her father, Kim Yo-jong served as one of Kim Jong-un’s staunch allies during the transition period. She was responsible for managing her brother’s program, and the two remained close, while Kim Jong-un ruthlessly dealt with any potential obstacles to his rule.

Kim Yo-Jong

Role in the Kim Jong-un regime

      In 2014 North Korean state media identified Kim Yo-jong as deputy director of the KWP Propaganda and Movement department, and within a year she was the de facto head of that agency. Her father held the same position under her father, Kim Il-sung, and it was unusual for a woman—even a member of the Kim family—to reach such heights within the North Korean bureaucracy. as well. Kim Yo-jong modeled the personality cult of Kim Jong-un as a means of cementing his brother’s place in the Kim dynasty as her grandfather, the “great leader” and “eternal president” of North Korea. Work done. Even Kim Jong-un’s clothing choices reflect this effort; In the first years of his reign, she imitated her father’s appearance in a Mao-collar jacket, but over time she adapted to Kim Il-sung’s favorite Western-style suit.




     Although she exerted significant influence within the North Korean regime, Kim Yo-jong remained relatively unknown to the outside world. This changed abruptly in February 2018 when she and a group of North Korean officials competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The so-called “Olympic detente” sensed a subtle shift in the issue of the nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula, and marked Kim Yo-jong as an unusual “soft power” device for a country that has historically been jingoistic. The kirpan was known for- rattle. She was sitting with the South Korean President. Moon Jae-in in the presidential compartment at the opening ceremony on February 9, and his presence marked the first visit to the South by a member of the North Korean ruling family. The next day, at a reception at South Korea’s presidential residence, Kim Yo-jong handed over a handwritten note from her brother inviting the South Korean president to meet him in Pyongyang.

This apparent thaw in inter-Korean tensions sparked a flurry of diplomatic activity, and Kim Yo-jong played a visible role in the events that followed. She accompanied her brother to the summit with the US President. Donald Trump and she stayed by his side in talks with the Chinese President. Xi Jinping. Her regular contact with Moon was formalized, and she became, in fact, the face of North Korean talks with the South. He was removed from the Politburo, the key decision-making body of the KWP, in 2019 as a result of the breakdown of talks with Trump, and for a time his stature was reduced. This changed in the spring of 2020, during a period when Kim Jong-un was unusually absent from public life and questions were raised about his health. 

     North Korean state media issued the first public remarks directly to Kim Yo-jong, after the Moon government opposed North Korean military exercises, and its tone was belligerent. She compared South Korea to a “terrified dog barking”, a taunt that echoed earlier statements about critics of the Kim regime, and interpreted both the message and its timing as the stability and continuity of the Kim family by some. as an attempt to demonstrate He was reinstated to the Politburo the following month, and although rumors about Kim Jong-un’s possible death or incapacity were dispelled, she retained her elevated public profile. In August 2020, South Korean intelligence officials proposed that Kim Jong-un had handed over significant control of state policy to his sister, but this claim was impossible to prove, given the opaque nature of North Korea’s government.

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