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 UP PGT Teacher History Syllabus | UP PGT Teacher History Syllabus

      Today in this blog we will tell you the complete syllabus of History subject for the teacher recruitment exam to be conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board. With the help of this syllabus, you will be able to prepare for your exam properly.


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UP PGT Teacher History Syllabus


Course Name – Lecturer

Subject – History
-history of ancient India
1- Archaeological cultures
      Under this the entire Paleolithic –

    New Stone Age

Many important questions related to this are asked in the exam every year.

2-Indus Valley Civilization —-

    town planning
    religious life
    social life
    economic life

Various sites associated with the Indus Valley Civilization
Various tools obtained from the Indus Valley

3- Vedic period

    Pre-Vedic and Post-Vedic Periods
    social condition
    religious condition
    economic condition
    political life

4- Religious movement

Contribution of Shankaracharya in the revival of Jainism, Buddhism, Bhagwat, Shaivism, Hinduism

5- Mauryan Empire

    Political History of Mauryas
    Chandragupta Maurya
    Ashoka’s Valuation
    society and culture

6- Gupta Dynasty

    political history
    philosophy and society

7- Economic and social changes in the post-Gupta period

    One who increases Joy
    triangular struggle
    Rise of Rajputs

8 – Chola dynasty

    political history
    Chola Administration
    Socio-political status of North India

History of Medieval India

9 – Ottoman invasion of India

    Arab invasions
    Mahmud Ghaznavi
    Muhammad Ghori

10- Establishment of Slave Dynasty / Delhi Sultanate

    Achievements of Qutubuddin
    Achievements of Iltutmish
    Razia Sultan
    Balban’s Early Difficulties
    Balban’s theory of kingship
    Balban’s policy of iron and blood,

11- Khilji dynasty

    khilji revolution
    Land and Revenue Policy of Alauddin Khilji
    market control policy
    military reform
    south policy

Sultanate Architecture

12- Tughlaq dynasty

    Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq – Life and Achievements
    Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq – Various plans, evaluation of Muhammad Tughlaq
    Firoz Shah Tughlaq
    Taimur’s Invasion
    Bahmani dynasty
    Vijayanagara Empire
    Sayyid and Lodi dynasty

13 – Entry of Mughals into India
Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, later Mughal emperors,
Hindu policy, architecture, political and social condition of the Mughals.

14 – Rise of the Maratha Empire
Rise of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Achievements

modern india
15- East India Company

    Political and Economic Effects of British Rule in India
    Revolt of 1857 Causes, Nature, Consequences
    Renaissance and Social Reform Movements in Nineteenth Century India
    Swami Dayanand Saraswati
    Ram Mohan Roy
    Arvind Ghosh
    annie besant
    Rabindranath tagore
    Mahatma Gandhi
    rise of congress
    National Movement
    independence country partition
    India after independence till 2000
    General Studies on Modern Indian History

How to prepare for PGT History?

       Here we are providing you the list of some level books which will help you to prepare for PGT History.

Arya Competition Times (Indian History) Written by Dr. Prem Prakash Ola Nirmal Arya

History of Ancient and Medieval India – Opinder Singh

Indian History and Culture – VK Agnihotri

Medieval India Harish Chandra Varma (both parts)

Medieval India – B. D. Mahajan

History of Modern India – B. L. Grover

History of India – Exam Vani

In the recent past, there have been some writers who have written very good books from the point of view of examination –

Ancient India – Pappu Singh Prajapat

Taran to Panipat – Pappu Singh Prajapat

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