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 What is BULLI BAI? | What is GitHub? | From where do you take photos of Muslim girls?

What Is Bulli Bai : Bulli Bai app. 

     Earlier Sully Deal. These are such mobile apps on which Muslim girls were specifically targeted. They were put up for auction. In this, girls of different professions were targeted. Women journalists were also included among them.

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     Now on Bulli Bai App, pictures of these girls were downloaded from their social media accounts and bid for auction. But the question is why the Google Play Store was not used for auctioning these photos.

Why was such an app not made which is more popular? Rather Git Hub was used. Git Hub, about which only few people of India know. In such a situation, who and what would have benefited from auctioning girls on this app. These are all the questions that everyone wants to know about.

The question is also that after all what is a Bully by App? What benefit would they get by putting a photo of Muslim girls on it? Could the person running the app have earned money from it or not? There are many such questions about which everyone today wants to know. First of all know that after all what is Bulli Bai App 

What is Bulli Bai GitHub App?

Understand this about Bulli Bai app

      Cyber ​​expert and cyber advocate Prashant Mali told that Bulli Bai app is exactly the same as mobile app. which we usually see. Like we use Amazon or Flipkart app for any shopping. But the difference is that we can easily get all the apps from the shopper to the Google App Store.

But you will not find Bulli Bai app in our mobile app store. Rather it is available on Git Hub of America. Actually, Git Hub (bulli bai app github) is a platform that is open source for all mobile apps. There are readymade mobile apps in a way here. That is, make an app. Whose access, anyone can name it according to their own.

Like we make changes in the photo using any photo editing app. Similarly, on the Bulli Bai app, easily bidding is done for the auction of any girl by putting her photo. In this, objectionable pictures are also uploaded. There was a lot of ruckus about it. But now both these apps have been removed from Git Hub following the instructions of the Central Government. It was hosted on

Where were the photos taken for the Bulli Bai app?

Images of Muslim girls were taken from their social media accounts specially for Bulli Bai app. In these also Twitter and Instagram accounts were targeted. It has also come to the fore in the investigation that only girls who have been famous in their field were targeted.

Commercial pilot Hana Mohisin, who raised this issue long ago, says that when she came to know about this, she could not believe it. First of all, bidding was done in his name by misusing the photo on the Sully Deal app.

Regarding this matter, he had also filed a report under the IT Act in a police station in Noida, adjacent to Delhi. However, no action could be taken at that time. Now when his pictures were again put on Bulli Bai, he again raised the matter. Shared on social media. After which the photographs of many media persons women were also uploaded, then the police took major action.

So would there be earning from Bulli Bai app?

Bulli Bai App Full Story: Now there is a question in the minds of people whether by putting photos of Muslim girls on Bulli Bai App, how much would be earned by auctioning. In this regard, cyber expert Rakshit Tandon told that if the purpose was to earn only then it could have earned more by putting such apps on other popular play store.

But platforms like Git Hub are not used by people in India. People know only by sharing such opensource with each other. In such a situation, the point of earning by bringing views immediately is not understood. Yes, it is sure that doing so can definitely be a major way to get rid of your anger.

Apart from this, it also seems that the way it used encrypted email and proxy server to run the app. It is clear from this that his talent was misused. Along with this, an attempt was made to put such photos and create an atmosphere like hate speech just to vent their anger.

How much punishment will be given to auctioneers on Bully App?

what is github in hindi : Cyber ​​expert Amit Dubey told that it is illegal under 67A of IT Act-2000. Because in this an attempt was made to misuse the photos of girls and tarnish their image. In such a case, there can be a punishment of 7 years to a fine of up to 5 lakh rupees.

Apart from this, cyber expert Amit Dubey believes that in this way, through a conspiracy to defame girls through mobile apps, earning less and spreading any agenda and hate speech seems to be more.

     According to media reports, Shweta Singh, an accused in the Bulli Bai App Case, which has done online ‘auction’ of about 100 women, was allegedly working on the instructions of a social media friend based in Nepal. In this, a Nepali citizen named Jiau alias Giau was giving instructions about the activities to be done on the app. Shweta Singh was detained from Udham Singh Nagar district and then Mumbai Police officials sought transit remand till January 5.

At the same time, the name of Shweta Singh (Bulli App Shweta Singh) was disclosed by the accused Vishal Kumar, arrested in Bengaluru, who is an engineering second year student. Vishal Kumar had said that he was in touch with Shweta Singh and Shweta Singh was in touch with people who were working on the posts and activities on Bulli Bai app.

   But the mastermind of this entire incident, Neeraj Bishnoi has been arrested by the officers of IFSO (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations Unit) wing of Special Cell of Delhi Police. It is claimed that this is the main conspirator, creator and main Twitter account of Bully Bai running the Bulli Bai app on GitHub. He was arrested from Assam. He is an IT expert and using a proxy, he was hosting the account of Bully by app. 

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