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 Important questions for U.P. tgat and pgt history | Mauryan Important Q&A For Up Tagat And PGT


1- The most famous ancient dynasty of India – Maurya dynasty

2- Founder of the mighty Maurya Empire – Chandragupta Maurya

3- The other two names of Chanakya, the prime minister of  Chandragupta Maurya – Kautilya and Vishnugupta.

4- Who was helpful in the expansion of Chandragupta’s empire –  Chanakya

5- Which Indian text is composed from Machiavelli’s book ‘The Prince’ – from Kautilized Arthashastra.

6- Which Maurya ruler killed his 100 brothers to get the rule — Emperor Ashoka.

7- Name of the wife of Emperor Ashoka who had attracted him very much – Karuvaki.

8- In which Prakrit language all the inscriptions of Ashoka are identical – Magadhi.

9- In which state Ashoka was sent by his father Bindusara to suppress the rebellion – Taxila

10- What title did the Maurya emperor Ashoka assumed, which is also described in his inscriptions – ‘Devan Priyadarshi’

11- In which war did Ashoka repent of the horrific bloodshed and embraced Buddhism – Kalinga War.

12- When did the war between Ashoka and the king of Kalinga – 261 BC.

13- Which Maurya ruler adopted Jainism in his last days – Chandragupta Maurya.

14- What was the currency called in the Maurya period- Pana

15- After the death of Ashoka, who became his successor – Kunal

16- Who wrote the famous Arthashastra book – Kautilya.

17- By which ruler was the Greek ambassador Megasthenes sent to the Mauryan court – by Seleucus.

18 – Megasthenes came in whose court – of Chandragupta Maurya.

19- Who was the architect of Magadha – Mahagovind

20- Which names have been used for Chandragupta Maurya in Greek

  texts – Sandrokots and Androcotes.

21- Chandragupta Maurya conquered Magadha by defeating which ruler – Nanda ruler Dhananand.

22- In which book the words ‘Vrishal’ and ‘Kulheen’ have been used for Chandragupta – MUDRARAKSHAS

23- Which book was composed by Visakhadatta – ‘Mudrarakshasa’

24 – Whose composition is Kathasaritsagara – Somdev’s.

25 – Brihatkathamanjari Writer – Kshemendra

26- Whose composition is Appendix Parvan – Hemchandra

27- Which play did Chandragupta play in childhood – ‘Rajkilam’

28- For how much money did Kautilya buy Chanakya – 1000 in ‘Karshapan’.

29- Who has called Chandragupta’s army a gang of bandits – Justin.

30 – When did Alexander invade India – 326 BC

31- When and where did Alexander die – 323 BC in Babylon.

32- What was the name of the last Greek commander who defeated Chandragupta – Eudemus in 317 BC.

33- When was the war between Seleucus and Chandragupta – 305 BC.

34- Which governor of Chandragupta Maurya did the construction of Sudarshan Lake – Vaishya Pushyagupta.

35- With which monk Chandragupta went to Shravanavelgola in Karnataka – along with Bhadravahu.

36- By which Jain method did Chandragupta give up his life – SANLEKHNA

37- When was Chandragupta Maurya – 298 BC

38- When Ashoka ascended the throne – 273 BC

39 – When did Ashoka’s coronation take place – 269 BC.

40- According to Megasthenes, the society in India was divided into seven – philosophers, farmers, traders, hunters, pastoralists, craftsmen and warriors.

41- Amitraghata was the name of which Mauryan emperor – Bindusara.

42- How long did Bindusara rule – 298-273 BC.

43- The name of the mother of the emperor Adhika – Subhadrangi.

44- At the time of his father, Ashoka was the governor of where – Ujjayini

45- In which inscriptions Ashoka’s name is found ‘Ashok’ – Muski and Gurjara

46- What is called Puranas Ashoka – Ashoka Vardhan

47- Ashoka Which Buddhist monk accepted Buddhism – a seven-year-old Buddhist monk named ‘Nigrotha’.

48- In which year did Ashoka visit Buddh Gaya – the tenth year of the abhisheka.

49- Who built the Barabar Pahari (Gaya district Bihar) caves for the Ajivak sect – Emperor Ashoka.

50- Who built the cities of Srinagar in Kashmir and Devpatan in Nepal – Ashoka.

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