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 Features of Akbar’s Navaratnas | Who were the Nauratnas of Akbar’s court?

     We all know about the most famous Mughal emperor of India, Akbar, that he was a courageous and respected ruler of scholars. In his court both Hindus and Muslims were kept equally. The number of prominent scholars in Akbar’s court was nine, who have been named as the Navratna of Akbar’s court. In this blog we will know about the nine major gems whose characteristics made them famous.



Birbal was the most favorite gem of Akbar due to his cleverness, eloquence and devotion. It is said about him that he had an amazing quality of humor and spot-on response, due to which he always remained relevant for his jokes. Influenced by Birbal, Akbar had appointed him as a high officer of the Department of Justice. Birbal was also honored with the title of king for his talent. According to the experts, Birbal was killed while fighting against Yusufzai, Akbar was deeply saddened to hear the news. Even he was in mourning for many days.

2-Abul Fazal

Abul Fazal is called Akbar’s special Navratna for his acumen and cleverness. He was a scholar of literature, history and philosophy. No one could compete with Abul in the debate. Apart from being a learned historian and writer, he was also an able ambassador and general. Because of this, Akbar was very much influenced by Abul Fazl. Abul Fazal gave many gifts like Ain-Akbari to Akbar’s time period, but despite this, he was murdered by Veer Singh Bundela at the behest of Prince Salim. When Akbar came to know about this, he put Salim in the dock and asked why he got Fazal killed. If he had asked, I would have given him the throne myself.

3-Raja Todarmal

Raja Todar Mal had a lot of experience about financial matters, due to which Akbar was particularly impressed by him. Later Akbar made him his finance minister. Before joining Akbar’s service, he used to work under Sher Shah Suri. Raja Todar Mal was the architect of the important reforms made in land settlement and revenue during the reign of Akbar. Let us tell you that it was King Todarmal, by whom the world’s first land accounting and measurement system was prepared.

4-Raja Man Singh

Man Singh was counted among the special courtiers of Akbar due to his intelligence, courage and high lineage. Raja Man Singh was also the commander in chief of Akbar. It is said that Akbar was very happy with the work and behavior of Man Singh and used to call Man Singh as Farjad (son) and sometimes by the name of Mirza Raja. According to the experts, Mansingh played an important role in making Akbar’s attitude towards Hindus more liberal.


When it comes to music, it is imperative to mention Tansen. Music Emperor Tansen had an important place among the nine gems of Akbar. He was considered special to Akbar for his musical art. Akbar respected him very much. One of the Navaratnas of Akbar, Abul Fazl was greatly influenced by his music. Later he suggested to Akbar that Tansen should be the Navratna of the court. Akbar was a lover of music and art, then when he heard the music of Tansen, he was mesmerized.

6-Abdurrahim Khan Khana

Abdurrahim Khan-Khana, considered to be the most important of Emperor Akbar due to his personality, was counted as a scholar and poet of a high order in Akbar’s court. He was the son of Akbar’s patron Bairam Khan. He was considered a great knower of Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Sanskrit, Hindi and Rajasthani languages. After conquering Gujarat, Abdurrahim was awarded the title of Khan Khana by Akbar. The couplets of Abdurrahim can still be heard from the voice of the people as an invaluable treasure of Hindi literature.

7-Abul Faizi

Like his elder brother Abul Fazal, Abul Faizi was very special to Akbar. He had a good command of the Persian language. He also used to write poetry in Persian. Akbar had appointed Abul Faizi as a mathematics teacher for his son and at the same time he also held the post of royal poet in Akbar’s court. According to experts, he was considered a great supporter of Din-e-Ilahi run by Akbar.

8-Mula do Pyaza

    Due to his hard work and dedication, Mullah Do Pyaza, who influenced Emperor Akbar, was a resident of Arabia. He came to India only during the reign of Humayun. His real name was Abdul Hasan. It was said that he was not interested in leading a simple life. He wanted that he too should join the court of Akbar. So he got the charge of eating the chicken of the royal family. Where he used the leftover food of the royal family to feed the chickens. Due to which Akbar was very pleased and made him in charge of the library of the royal family. But the mullah wanted something else, so he worked hard and made many changes in the library and managed to please Akbar again. As a result of which he managed to make his place in the royal family. It is said that he liked two onions in the food. That’s why Akbar gave him the title of Do Pyaza.

9-Hakim Hammam

      Hakim Hamam was counted among the chief advisors of Akbar. According to the experts, its name was Humayun Bulli Khan, who later became famous as Hakim Hamam. Hakim Hamam was the head of the royal family’s cook food. It is said that this script was particularly adept at recognizing and understanding poetry. Along with this, he was a kind, generous and sweet-spoken person. Akbar used to be very happy because of this.

      One thing was very common among all the gems of Akbar that all of them were very talented. For this, Akbar should also be praised that he did not make any mistake in recognizing the talented people of his state, as a result of which Akbar had no shortage of intellectuals. Surely if we become successful in becoming virtuous, then our identity becomes different like gems.

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