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Major events happened on 6th March in Indian history: Know about the special day, famous birthdays, and events of 6th March in India

Important events happened on March 6 in the history of India and world


Important events happened on March 6 in the history of India and world

See below about 6 March in Indian History or the special day of 6 March in India. Looking for information about today’s special day in India? If yes, then here you will get the information. Today on this special day of 6th March in Indian history, the birthday and death anniversary of various famous people of India comes. You will also know about those events which are included in the list of special days in India today.

March 6 in Indian History – What is today’s India in history March 6

March 6 Famous Birthdays in India – Famous People Born on March 6

1667 – Muhammad Kam Bakhsh, the youngest son of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, was born to his concubine at Udaipur Mahal.

1945 – Syed Ahmed, writer, and leader of the Congress Party.

1947 – Pratap Bhanu Sharma, politician and a senior member of Congress.

1986 – Pawan Singh, Indian playback singer, film actor, and media personality.

1986-Ankit Tiwari, Indian playback singer, music director, and composer.

1997-Jhanvi Kapoor, Indian actress working in Hindi films.

Today’s India March 6 in history – Events happened on this day in history on March 6

National Dentist Day is celebrated every year on the 6th of March to show respect to our dentists. The day also reminds everyone about the importance of regular dental checkups.

On March 6, National Costume Day is celebrated to honor all the ways that costumes help us celebrate important moments in our lives.

March 6, National Frozen Food Day is celebrated to see how frozen food has entered our daily lives, its history, and how far it has come.
National Oreo Day celebrates one of America’s favorite cookies – the Oreo cookie.

March 6 in Indian History – What is today’s India in history March 6

Today’s India March 6 in history – Famous people whose death anniversary is on March 6

1946-Upendranath Brahmachari, Indian scientist, and leading physician of his time.
2006 – Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, an officer of the Indian National Army, is accused of “waging war against His Majesty the King-Emperor”.
2006 – S. Guptan Nair, Malayalam litterateur and critic
2012 – Sharda Dwivedi, historian, researcher, and author based in Mumbai

Major events happened on March 6 in world history

King Tut’s tomb opened

On this day in 1924, the Egyptian government unearthed the mummy of King Tutankhamun, ruler of Egypt in the 14th century BC, whose burial chamber was discovered in 1922 by the famous British archaeologist Howard Carter.

  March 6, 1998 – Elisabeth Gehrer, Austrian culture minister, breaks ranks with museum officials in Europe and the US when she announces that Austria is ready to return art treasures taken by the Nazis from Jews during World War II and kept in state-run museums.

US First Lady and actress Nancy Reagan—who was first lady during the 1981-89 administration of her husband, President Ronald Reagan, and was noted as his most trusted advisor and most zealous defender of his reputation—has died in Los Angeles. Done.

American painter Georgia O’Keeffe – whose famous works included large-format paintings of natural forms, especially flowers, and bones – has died at the age of 98.

Journalist Walter Cronkite, who was known as “the most trusted man in America”, signed on as the longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News.

American boxer Cassius Clay took the name Muhammad Ali, given to him by his spiritual mentor, Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam.

Ghana became an independent nation, led by Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah.

Latin American writer Gabriel García Márquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia.

The German company Bayer trademarked the name Aspirin for its drug made from acetylsalicylic acid.

At a meeting of the Russian Chemical Society, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev presented the first periodic table.

US Chief Justice Roger B. Taney announced the Dred Scott decision, which made slavery legal in all US territories.

Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La traviata premieres at La Fenice Opera House in Venice.

The Alamo in Texas fell to Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna after a 13-day siege.

Toronto, now the financial and commercial center of Canada, was incorporated.

US President James Monroe signed the Missouri Compromise, which allowed Missouri to be admitted to the Union as the 24th state (1821); The law marked the beginning of the sectional struggle over the expansion of slavery that led to the American Civil War.

French satirist and dramatist Savion Cyrano de Bergerac, who was the basis of several romantic but ahistorical legends, was born in Paris.

The Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo—who exerted an unparalleled influence on Western sculpture, painting, and architecture and whose works are among the most famous in existence—was born in the Republic of Florence.

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