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Urgent! Famous heroine "Jam Thamonphan" arrested with her husband, for opening a gambling website, seized assets of more than 700 million

Urgent! Famous heroine “Jam Thamonphan” arrested with her husband, for opening a gambling website, seized assets of more than 700 million

Urgent! Arrest the famous heroine “Jam Thmonpan” for opening an online gambling website and pornographic website with her husband, seizing more than 700 million baht.

(December 16, 2022) In the courtyard in front of Pracha Arak Building Crime Suppression Division (Pol. Lt. Gen. Chiraphop Puridet, Chief of Police Pol. Pol. Maj. Gen. Montry Thetkhan, Chief of Police, Pol Col. Anek Taosupap, PS Police Col. Pornsak Laurujiralai, Colonel Phadet Ngamlamom, Deputy Superintendent of the Royal Thai Police, jointly announced the results of the arrest of an online gambling website network. and a website that distributes football matches and wild porn movies being able to arrest 42-year-old Mr. Fumphut or Om, 38-year-old Mr. Chetchai, 40-year-old Ms. Thamonphan or Jaem, a famous Local drama heroine. According to the arrest warrant for Criminal Court No. 2811, 2812, and 2818/2565 dated December 13, 2022, on charges of “conspiring to jointly distribute obscene images, play or persuade others to gamble online, money Conspiracy to commit the offense of laundering and money laundering

Along with the usual items, 13 cars, 6 supercars, 1 pickup truck, 2 motorcycles, 42 million baht in Thai cash and foreign currency, 8 luxury watches, 50 brand-name bags, and 5 computers. 18 mobile phones, 44 bank books, 4 luxury houses, and many other properties. the total value of more than 700 million baht

Pole. Lt Gen Jirapob revealed that this matter, the authorities have been probing it for 2 years. With regard to the dissemination of films, and live telecasts of illegal football matches including films containing obscene content through the internet website, the financial path was therefore traced and investigated until the financial path of the two sites was found. Mr. Phunpat and Ms. Thamonphan, a husband and wife derive bona fide profits from collecting membership fees and conducting gambling through the Internet on the said website. Mr. Chetchai who withdraws and delivers the cash received from the said website

Pole. Lt Gen Jirapob said that from April-September 2022, Chetchai had withdrawn money from his horse account more than 38 times, totaling around 400 million baht. Mr. Fumphut is in charge of withdrawing cash from the account each time. Then brought to their homes the officers then collected evidence and sought court approval for arrest warrants and search warrants to search houses in the Bang Krui District of Nonthaburi Province and arrested all 3 accused persons have done.

In addition, the said network’s online gambling website’s back-end system was found to have more than 40,000 gamblers’ accounts, with a monthly turnover of approximately 7,000 million baht, Lt. Gen. Jirapob said. Further, an examination of past income tax data of the 3 accused did not reveal any other source of income that was in any way sufficient to purchase the above-confiscated property, hence it can be presumed that this must be the use of the funds.

Received from the operation of an online gambling website. Procuring property for money laundering, therefore coordinating information with the Anti-Corruption Commission to seize and freeze property related to the crime in the said case. To comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Act

“For anyone who wants to make a career like this because he saw that the field was huge. Let’s see the case of “Brother Po” this case is an illustration because the officials are serious. In addition, such cases have a relatively high penalty rate.

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