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Dusty Springfield: An Animated Google Doodle For The 'White Queen Of Soul' - That Was Her First Hit (Video)

Today, November 8th, Google is honoring the British singer Dusty Springfield with a very beautiful Google Doodle that shows the ‘White Queen of Soul’ in an animated way. Dusty Springfield had an impressive stage presence, which is evident even in the Doodle that honors her. 59 years ago today she released her first solo single, which many people can still sing along to today. We show them to you in the video.

Today’s Google Doodle for Dusty Springfield shows the British singer three times and chooses three different ages for the depiction. At first glance, her long career spanning five decades is clear and her stage presence, which she achieved especially in middle age and in the picture shown in the middle, is underlined. One thing they have in common is their hairstyle, described as a “blonde beehive.”

The doodle is animated, with all six fields each showing a small movement and presumably standing for one of the letters of the Google logo. In the first light purple area, the capital “G” is very clearly visible. The two fields below should stand for the two “o” in the right color and the large middle field with the strong presence of Dusty Springfield stands for the small “g”. The last two fields represent the small letters “l” and “e”.

Google itself describes Dolly Springfield in the following words (automatically translated):

    Known for her impressive versatility across genres, impressive stage presence, and signature blonde beehive, Dolly Springfield was a cultural icon whose successful career spanned five decades

Dusty Springfield was born Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien on April 16, 1939, in Great Britain and at the age of 18 belonged to the British girl group Lana Sisters, who released a total of eight singles, but all of them were unsuccessful. With her brother Tom Springfield, a well-known composer, she formed the folklore group The Springfields, which enjoyed some success in Britain and the United States. In 1963 she started her solo career.

Their first single ‘I Only Want to Be with You (see video above) was a huge success and stormed the charts in the UK and several other countries. Numerous hit singles followed, making her one of the most successful artists of the decade – which was certainly also due to her eye-catching appearance. She quickly held the title of a style icon, her soulful voice earned her the nickname “The White Queen of Soul” and the New York Times even dubbed her “the greatest pop singer Britain has ever produced”.

She released her last album in the 90s, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and is still one of the better-known musicians today. I think some of their titles, not just the above, are still familiar to many people today.

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