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Auckland Water Rescue: A missing child capsizes on Clarks Beach, search continues

One person was killed when a boat capsized in Manukau Harbor on Sunday night while a 10-year-old child is feared missing and rescuers are on the hunt for the child.

Coastguards, police, lifeguards, and locals search for the child in the vicinity of Clarks Beach following the boating tragedy.

A local resident, who was walking on the beach, said that he has been searching for the missing child since morning.

“The police officer told me the whole family was outside, the mother drowned when the boat capsized and the 10-year-old did not have a life jacket.”

“They were fishing in the sea.”

The two men on board were “hypothermic and in danger of life” after swam to shore after the boat capsized near Clarks Beach.

A lifeguard said two survivors on the boat were seen running out of the water and sounding the aid alarm on the shore.

A local woman said she looked after two men who “appeared to be hypothermic and in distress” after being in the water for hours last night.

“They swam to the shore in an upside-down boat,” she said.

A police spokesman said one person is owed after a boat capsized with five people at around 7 pm.

Jill Gillanders was in her motorhome by the boat ramp when she saw emergency services gathering.

“Helicopters were hovering over the spot and Coast Guard men brought someone on a stretcher in an ambulance,” she said.

Police are reminding people about how to stay safe on the water.

“As the warmer months begin, the police continue to advise people not to go into the water and continue to urge people to ensure that they are carrying all necessary safety material with them while going into the water.

“This includes wearing a life jacket.”

Police will continue to provide more updates on the incident.

Yesterday, one person was killed and two others made it ashore, while a third was pulled out of the water by rescuers aboard an Eagle helicopter. All three patients were taken to Middlemore Hospital.

Two rescue helicopters, the Eagle helicopter, and the airport hovercraft all assisted in the search efforts.

The Coastguard confirmed that it had two boats in the water, with volunteers assisting the police in the search efforts.

A local bed and breakfast owner said he saw an Auckland Airport hovercraft assisting with the search efforts. The person said the Coastguard was turning down offers from local people for assistance in the search.

Another eyewitness saw two women “running to the beach” who had just been in the water.

Three jet skis were also assisting in the search efforts.

The Coast Guard has recovered the boat.

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