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Will Liz Truss lose her chair? know why Liz Truss is losing the support of her own party

British Prime Minister Liz Truss appears to be losing the support of her own party MPs, according to British media reports, while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is wanted by most of the party’s MPs to be the Prime Minister again. According to Yugav Poll, the first choice of a large number of Tory party members is Boris Johnson and the second choice is Indian-origin Rishi Sunak.

The chair of Liz Truss, who was sitting on the chair of the Prime Minister of Britain just a few months ago, is now seen in danger. Most of the members are coming out against him. According to Yugav Poll, opposition to the lease truce continues to grow in the Tory party and most members want to see former Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again in the UK Prime Minister’s chair.

Now Rishi Sunak of Indian origin has come back in this race as Rishi Sunak is the second choice of most of the Tory party members. Lease Truss received the least number of votes in this poll.

Why is Liz Truss losing trust?

From the figures that have come out in this poll, it has emerged that the lease truss is continuously losing its support in the party. The Tory party has a large number of members who dislike Lies and want Truss to resign.

55 percent of Tory members want Boris Johnson to become prime minister again. The second choice is Rishi Sunak. Only 25 percent of MPs appeared in favor of the lease. The rest of the members want the Lease should now resign. How all this is happening all of a sudden, so the real reason behind this is the turn taken by the lease for the mini-budget. After which Liz Truss is losing her popularity at the party.

Most of the members are in favor of Johnson, three more members are also in the race

The most shocking G figure that came out in this poll is the name of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. You will find that Boris Johnson was forced to resign by members of his party in rebellion and now these members want Johnson to sit again in the chair of the Prime Minister of Britain. According to this poll, 63 percent of the people are in favor that Johnson should be made Prime Minister in place of Liz and it will prove to be better. 32 percent of people liked him the most and considered him the most powerful contender.

Apart from this, Rishi Sunak, who was defeated by Liz, got the support of 23 percent of the people. Apart from this, other names, Jeremy Hunt and Penny Mordaunt are also liked by a large number of people.

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