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Who is Louisa Neubauer? Biography 2022, Age, family, Wikipedia, Net worth 2022, husband, and latest information
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Luisa Neubauer Wiki, Biography 2022:– Today we are going to tell you about Luisa Neubauer’s personal and professional life in this blog. Louisa Neubauer is a renowned German climate activist. And people are already interested to know her, but now suddenly the whole world is looking for Louisa Neubauer biography. The whole social network is full of things related to this. Some people want to know about her personal life, on this page, we will discuss her personal and professional life including her biography, career, family, sister, father, mother, lifestyle, lover, and more. All her details are listed below.

Louisa Neubauer Wiki/Bio

Today we are talking about Louisa Neubauer, also known as Louisa. The trend of Google searches is very high. She was born on 21 April 1996 in Hamburg, Germany. Louisa Neubauer is a renowned German climate activist. Assuming you’re looking at Louisa Neubauer’s wiki and need a deeper understanding of her data and contacts, you’re in an ideal position and a comprehensive dataset is a must.

Louisa Neubauer Biography

She was born on 21 April 1996 in Hamburg, Germany. Her age is 26 in 2022. Louisa Neubauer is a renowned German climate activist. She is one of the principal organizers of the German school strike for climate change, also known as Fridays for the Future. Therefore, all her fans search for Luisa Neubauer’s personal information on Google.

If you are looking for Louisa Neubauer Biography Louisa Neubauer and want to know everything about her details and job then you are at the right place and complete information is required for you. She has gained a lot of popularity and fame in her lifetime. She celebrates her birthday every year. Louisa Neubauer’s surname is Sohini. She has beautiful eyes and an energetic personality. The exact size of his body is unknown.

Personal life of Louisa Neubauer

Neubauer’s life

Neubauer grew up in the Hamburg-Iserbrück district and completed a high school diploma at the affluent Marion-Donhof-Gymnasium in Hamburg-Blankenese. She has studied geography at the University of Göttingen since 2015. She has received a scholarship from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and a scholarship from Alliance 90/The Greens-affiliated Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Early activation

Neubauer has been a youth ambassador for NGO One since 2015. She has also been a member of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generation,, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, the Fossil Free Campaign, and The Hunger Project. ,

Friday for the Future

In early 2019, Neubauer became known as one of the leading Friday for Future activists. Many media outlets refer to her as the “German face of the movement”. Neubauer drew comparisons with Greta Thunberg to her and other strike organizers, saying: “We are building a mass movement and going too far in our ways to attract and attract attention. Greta Jo She is incredibly inspiring but actually relatively far from that.”

Neubauer does not see strikes as a means to directly influence politics. More important is the work behind the attacks: “What we’re doing is incredibly sustainable. We’re building structures and turning events into educational experiences. And we’re leading the debate on the principles of climate protection.” “

On 10 January 2020, it was announced that Neubauer had turned down an offer by Siemens to sit on its energy board. In a statement Neubauer said that “if I had taken this up, I would be obliged to represent the interests of the company and could never be an independent critic of Siemens,” she explained. “It [a] does not suit my role as a climate activist.”

It was later revealed that Siemens – despite protests and lobbying – would go ahead with its project with Adani – a contract to help operate a large mine in Australia. In response, Neubauer – who previously referred to the project as an “unforgivable mistake” – told news agency DPA: “We asked Kaiser to do everything possible to stop the Adani mine. Instead, she now This disastrous project will profit. Adding, this is so last century, and that Kaiser is making an unforgivable mistake.”

Louisa Neubauer Wiki, Parents, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth


Real name   Louisa-Marie Neubauer
Nick Name  Louisa Neubauer
Full Name Louisa-Marie Neubauer
Age 26 years
Date of Birth 21 April 1996
Birthplace Hamburg, Germany
Father’s Name  Don’t know
Mother’s name

Frauke Neubauer

Profession German climate activist.
Zodiac Taurus
Ethnicity White
Marital status Unmarried
lover’s name Don’t known
Height  5 feet 6 inches
Weight  57 kg
Measurement Not known
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Current city Don’t known
Religion Not known
Nationality German
Education Update soon
Sibling Name Not Known
Net worth $5 million USD approx.
Source of income German climate activi

Louisa Neubauer wiki-lifestyle-career

Louisa Neubauer is a well-known German climate activist. She is one of the principal organizers of the climate-related school strike in Germany, also known as Friday for the Future. She is a proponent and supporter of the Paris Climate Agreement. She is also associated with an NGO ‘ONE’ (2016) as a youth ambassador.

Her previous flights to countries around the world garnered poor press coverage. She became a climate activist at a very young age. She has a long list of achievements to her name.

Born in Hamburg, Neubauer is the youngest of her siblings. Her mother is a nurse. Her grandmother, who had been married for some years to Fiko Riemtsma, became involved in the anti-nuclear movement of the 1980s; her grandmother inspired Louisa to become a climate activist; her three brothers lived in Britain (London). Huh. Her cousin Carla Riemtsma is also a climate activist.


Personal life

Neubauer grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Luisa’s mother, Frauke Neubauer (née Riemsma) is a cousin of campaigner and mentor Jan Philipp Riemsma and “Friday for Future” activist Carla Riemsma (* 3. April 1998 Berlin). She has three siblings, two of whom live in England. Her older brother Lenard played semi-professional football at Oxford. She now lives in London and works in finance.


Louisa Neubauer net worth

Louisa Neubauer net worth is around $5 million USD.


Neubauer has received negative press coverage for its previous flights to distant countries such as Namibia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, as well as Morocco. As a response, she has said that any criticism of her personal consumption distracts from larger structural and political issues.

Neubauer has received criticism for failing to acknowledge the massive increase in the global human population as a cause of climate change.

Setting herself up against comparisons to climate change and the Holocaust, she writes in her latest book that climate change is the greatest disaster in human history.

She rejects the idea of ​​tackling climate consequences by geoengineering and does not believe that electric cars can really help solve the common problem of the human lust for economic growth.

She blames today’s political class, especially the white people of the Northern Hemisphere, for being painfully slow when implementing necessary climate measures. The northern climate is therefore bound to lower its standard of living to pay for the future change of the global south towards an environmental way of life.

Neubauer has faced backlash and is being accused of having a sexist worldview, after claiming that men as gender in human history have failed and that women would do a much better job.

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