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Who is Giorgia Meloni: the life and politics of the leader of Fratelli d'Italia


Who is Giorgia Meloni: Eraly life, Age, height, weight, political Career, family, husband, net worth, and more


Giorgia Meloni’s early life

Giorgia Meloni was born on 15 January 1977 in Rome. Her father was from Sardinia and her mother is from Sicily. Her father, a tax consultant, was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 9 years in a Spanish prison in 1995. She left the family at the age of eleven in 1988, moving to the Canary Islands. She grew up in the working class district of Garbatella. She has a sister, Ariana, who was born in 1975 and has been married since 22 October 2022 to the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, who was named Italian Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty under the Meloni cabinet.

A longtime politician, Giorgia Meloni is the face and president of Fratelli d’Italia, the right-wing (and far-right) party founded in 2012 by her, Ignazio La Russa, and Guido Croceto.

Winner as the first party in the general election of 25 September 2022.

Where she was born and her family

Born on January 15, 1977, in northern Rome, but raised in the neighborhood of Garbatella, she earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics in 1996 with a grade of 60 out of 60. Ten years later she joined the Register as a professional journalist.

Not many people know it, but Giorgia Meloni’s parents are not Roman, on the contrary. The father is of Cagliari origin, while the mother is from Messina.

Father’s abandonment

The father’s presence prompts young Georgia to suffer a major blow, the father’s abandonment of the family to move abroad, to the Canaries.

A trauma that will always be present and that will make you feel “inadequate” for the rest of your life.

Abandonment brought her strongly closer to her mother as a guide and reference. Her mother also wanted to keep her knowing that her story with her father was already on the verge of breaking up.

At the age of 11, as she announced in her book “I’m Giorgia”, she decided to cut ties with the latter permanently.

    She left home when I was one year old. She lived in the Canaries and we would visit her for a week or two a year and that’s it. When I was eleven, she made a speech that shouldn’t be given to a little girl and I said “I never want to see you again”. I really couldn’t feel a feeling when she died, it felt like she was a stranger

 Georgia Meloni

Who is Giorgia Meloni: Age, political Career, family, husband, net worth, and more

Meloni’s personal life

Meloni’s husband’s name is Andrea Giambruno, he is a journalist by profession. They have a daughter named Jinwara. Meloni works for Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset TV channel. She has stated that she is a Catholic Christian and has used her religious identity to help build her national brand.

In a 2019 speech at a rally in Rome, she said: “I’m Georgia. I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian.” In September 2022, she reportedly continued to embrace the old Italian fascist slogan “God, Fatherland, and Family”. She has said she is annoyed by its association with Italy’s fascist past.

Meloni is an outspoken fan of fantasy, particularly J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. As a youth activist with the Italian Social Movement (MSI), she participated in the Camp Hobbit festival and sang with the far-right folk band Compania del Agnello [it] under the name The Fellowship of the Ring.

Later, he named her political convention Atreju after the protagonist of the novel The Neverending Story. Meloni told The New York Times: “I think Tolkien can say better than we can say.” In addition to Tolkien, she is fond of the British conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, and said: “If I were British, I would be a Toler.”

Name Giorgia Meloni
Born 15 January 1977
Birthplace Rome Lazio Italy
Age 46 years
Citizenship Italian
Father’s Name Francisco Meloni
Mother Name Anna Paratore
Spouse’s Name Andrea Giambruno
Child one daughter Ginevra
Siblings One Sister Ariana
Profession Politician / Journalist
Office/Position Prime Minister of Italy
Religion Catholic Christian
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Net worth 2022 $28 million.
Social media Liks  – Twitter




Body measurement of Giorgia Meloni

Bra Size 38B (US) / 85B (EU)
Eye color Gray
Hair Blonde
Weight 54 kg, 119 lbs
Height in centimeters (cm) 160 cm
in inches 63 Inch
in foot 5′ 3″ Foot
Waist in Inches 25 inch
Hips size 37 in / 94 cm






Question of Diploma and Degree in Languages

During her years in politics, Georgia Meloni has been heavily criticized for failing to graduate.

A criticism to which she has always responded strongly, relying strongly on the story of her life, to be able to stay and continue on the political path.

Meloni’s answer is clear: she had to work to support herself, something not everyone could afford to study for many years before looking for a job.


Who is Giorgia Meloni: Eraly life, Age, height, weight, political Career, family, husband, net worth, and more
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A career in politics from an early age

At the age of only 15, in 1992, she joined the Youth Front, a youth organization of the Italian Social Movement – ​​a political party of the National Right, a clear neo-fascist inspiration, whose tricolor flame became the symbol of

Four years later, in 1996, she is a national manager in Student Action, a movement born out of the furnace of the National Coalition.

From provincial councilor to national coalition deputy

Relations with the National Coalition became even stronger, until the victory of the primaries for the Eleventh Municipality of Rome in 1998, where she was elected as councilor of the Province of Rome with that party. A role in which she would remain in office until 2002.

Meanwhile, in 2000 she became director of Youth Action, a movement born within the National Coalition, and in 2001 she was named by Gianfranco Fini as the coordinator of the National Regency Committee of the same. A few years that was 2004 when she was elected president.

By 2006, she earned the card of a professional journalist while working for the Secolo d’Italia, a daily newspaper that is an official part of the Right and National Alliance (later part of the Popolo Delle Liberta group).

Always with the National Alliance at Lazio 1 College, joined the Chamber of Deputies in 2006 as the youngest female MP of the fifteenth legislature. She will then become the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies until 2008.

Youth ministry

Strong of her characterization as a youth promise of authority during the government of Berlusconi IV (in 2008), she was appointed Minister of Youth, the youngest minister in the history of Republican Italy.

Also in that year young Georgia already made itself known for its strong positions, when she invited Italian athletes during the Beijing Olympics to express her dissatisfaction with the Chinese government’s policy of violence towards the regions of Tibet. invited to boycott. There is an opinion that she did not find support in the government that was close to her and which forced her to partially withdraw what she was told.

Popolo Delle Liberta and Young run for the presidency of Italy

In 2009, the merger of the National Alliance with the People of Freedom would bring Meloni to the presidency of Young Italy, a youth movement born within the party.

Now nothing will be left as she will resign in 2012 itself in view of the birth of the party which will see her as a hero for the next 10 years.

The Italian Brothers and the Foundation of the Presidency

That same year, in November 2012, Meloni announced her candidacy for the People of Freedom primary, but when the latter was terminated by Berlusconi, she left the party and joined the political establishment with Guido Cressato e Ignazio La Russa. The Movement of the Brothers of Italy.

A right-wing political movement that, first of all, reaffirmed its position in alliance with the Freedom Party, despite the split.

A winning choice that she elected her to the Chamber of Deputies as well as Group Leader in the Chamber in 2013.

Giorgia Meloni has been president of Brothers of Italy since 2014, replacing Ignazio La Russa.

In 2016 she attempted an attack on Rome, running as mayor of the city and receiving 20.64% of the vote. They were not enough as it was knocked out in the first round itself by Raggi with 35% of the vote and Giachetti of the PD with 24%.

In 2018 she represented Italy’s brothers in political elections as part of a center-right coalition, but achieved very poor results, reaching barely 4% of the vote. The consensus increased slightly to 6.9% in the 2019 European elections.

Speech “I am Georgia, I am a woman, I am a mother”

She became famous in the year of the European elections for her speech from the stage in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.

The political success made the Brothers of Italy the first party in 2012 with 24% of the vote.

Giorgia Meloni and the passion for fantasy and Tolkien

It’s no secret that Giorgia Meloni has had a strong passion for the fantasy world from a young age, even as it appears her fantasy bio was available online, along with her opinions on dragons and the fantasy world.

She also called the party’s annual convention “Atreju”, a clear reference to one of the heroes of “La Storia Infinite”.

In the 2022 campaign finale, the choice fell to Pino Insegno (the famous voice actor), who voiced Pino Insegno, with an explicit reference to the Lord of the Rings in Aragorn’s speech.

    The day of defeat will come, but this day is not.

Hobbit fields of the right

Not many people know that as a young girl, Meloni attended Hobbit areas, or rallies organized by the Youth Front, so far-fetched of the Matrix from 1977.

The reference to Tolkien’s world is already evident from the name, but the Matrix isn’t playful at all, just imagine some of these areas also had paramilitary manifestations.

The Companion and Failed Marriage of Georgia Meloni

A very strong criticism aimed at Meloni has been that of “missed marriage”, which is associated relative to the “traditional family” in keeping with very stringent ideals.

Ideals that would carry forward the traditional marriage of a man and a woman.

They now have a solid and lasting coexistence, in fact, the two even have a daughter, Geneva, born in 2016.

The partner is Andrea Giambruno, a Mediaset journalist whom she met behind the scenes of a show she authored in 2014.

A “hasty” meeting, in which Giambruno “snatched” a fruit from Meloni’s hand that she was about to eat, without realizing they were about to survive.

The meeting of eyes began the courtship.

One curiosity about the couple is that Giambruno has always claimed to have voted on the left, in apparent opposition to her partner’s party. Even on LGBTQ+ and cannabis issues, the two seem to completely disagree.

Meloni publicly thanked her teammate after the win in September 2022.

Meloni’s daughter: Genevares

As Meloni has repeatedly recalled, especially during the famous rally in San Giovanni, they have a daughter.

Geneva was born on 16 September 2016 and announced the mother’s birth through her Facebook profile.

Meloni’s frequent presence on channels is that of her daughter, who began her first-grade schooling career during her mother’s election campaign.

Georgia Meloni’s inconsistency and change of opinion

One of the main allegations against Giorgia Meloni relates to the inconsistency between her personal life and the opinions held in parliamentary debates, and the relatively frequent changes of opinion, in a succession of different statements rejecting each other. as well as within one. Some weeks, especially on the presence or absence of Italy in the euro. 

Did you know?

  • She was the youngest minister in the history of the Italian Republic. 
  • She is against any law recognizing gay civil partnership or marriage and she is against an anti-gay law, declaring that there is no homosexuality in Italy. 
  • She has previously worked as a nanny, waitress, and bartender.
  • She was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the 2006 general election.
  • She served as Minister of Youth in the fourth government of Silvio Berlusconi in 2008.

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