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Who was Dietrich Mateschitz? Biography 2022, Wikipedia, age, cause of death, wife, football club, family, net worth 2022

Who was Dietrich Mateschitz? Biography 2022, Wikipedia, age, cause of death, wife, football club, family, net worth 2022

Dietrich Mateschitz Biography

Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei was a famous Austrian businessman who earned over a billion dollars in his lifetime. If we talk about his birth, then he was born on 20 May 1944 and died on 22 October 2022. Let us tell you that he was also the co-founder of Red Bull GmbH and currently owns 49% of the company’s shares.

As of October 2021, he had an estimated net worth of US$25.4 billion. People are searching the internet for Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei. Here We know Who Were Dietrich Mateschitz? Biography 2022, Wikipedia, age, net worth, cause of death, wife, football club, family, net worth 2022 will give complete information about. Read the article till the end.

Name Dietrich Mateschitz
Full Name Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei
Born 20 May 1944
Birthplace In the Austrian province of Styria
Age 78 at the time of death
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s name Not Known
citizenship Austrian
Education Marketing Degree
University Vienna University
Profession Businessman
Marital status Unmarried
child one son
Death October 22, 2022
Cause of death Prolonged illness
Net worth 2022 $25.4 billion

Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei’s Early Life

Born on May 20, 1944, Mateschitz was born into a family of Croatian origin, belonging to Sankt Marein Im Mürztal, located in the Austrian province of Styria. According to various internet sources, his family lived in the Zadar region of Croatia. His ancestors on his mother’s side are from Styria, and on his father’s side, his ancestors are from Maribor. Dietrich Matesitz In Mattei’s childhood, her parents divorced;

Dietrich Mateschitz‘S Personal life

Mateschitz was unmarried, but had a son. He was licensed to fly and loved flying the Falcon 900 and Piper Super Cub.

He lived in Fuschel am See, Austria, but also owned the island of Laucala, which is near Fiji. He bought it from the Forbes family for £7 million.

In 2017, Mateschitz and his Bundesliga team, RB Leipzig, were criticized for comments made in an interview with Kleine Zeitung. In interviews, he said Austria should close its borders to refugees and supported Donald Trump and other populists.

Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei’s career

In 1972, Mateschitz received his marketing degree from the Hochschule für Welthandel, now the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

His first job was to sell Detergent for Unilever. After that, he went on to work for Blendax, a German cosmetic company that was bought by Procter & Gamble and where he markets things like Blendax toothpaste.

As part of his work for Blendax, he was on the road when he found Krat Ing Deng, the drink that would become Red Bull.

In 1984, he and Chalo Yuvidya started Red Bull GmbH.

In 1987, the brand was launched in Austria. He then made Red Bull the world’s most popular energy drink.

Along with Heinz Kinigadner, he helped start the Wings for Life Foundation, which helps fund spinal cord research.

Since 2014, Wings for Life has been put on by the World Run Foundation to raise funds. Both of their careers were as teachers in primary schools.

Dietrich Mateschitz Mattei’s Sports Business

Through commercial sponsorship, Mateschitz’s brands have always been associated with the physical and mental prowess required for a variety of extreme sports. Red Bull Sauber owned more than 60% of the Formula One racing team and was the main sponsor of the team. But Red Bull broke ties with Sauber in late 2001 as Sauber opted to hire Kimi Rikkönen as a driver for the 2001 season instead of Enrique Bernoldi, who was coached by Red Bull.

In November 2004, Mateschitz bought Formula One team Jaguar Racing from Ford and changed its name to Red Bull Racing. In September 2005, Mateschitz and Gerhard Berger, a close friend and former Formula One driver, purchased the Italian-registered Minardi team from Paul Stoddart, an Australian. The name of the team was changed to Scuderia Toro Rosso, which in Italian means “Red Bull.” Toro Rosso was considered the junior team of Red Bull Racing.

In 2008, Sebastian Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix for Toro Rosso, which was kind of funny. In 2009, he won the first F1 race for Red Bull Racing. In 2010, Sebastian Vettel drove for Red Bull Racing and won both the Formula One World Constructors’ Championship and the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship. Then, for the next three years, in 2011, 2012, and 2013, he won both titles, making Vettel and Red Bull Racing four-time world champions.

8 years later, in 2021, Max Verstappen helped him win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship again. He came second in the Formula One World Constructors’ Championship, which was won by Mercedes.

Mateschitz also owned Team Red Bull, which played in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and K&N Pro Series East from 2006 to 2011.

They bought the A1-ring racing track, which used to be the site of the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix, in late 2004. He changed the name of the track to Red Bull Ring. In May 2011, the track was reopened, and round one of the 2011 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season was held there. Although Mateschitz stated that there were no plans to return it to the Formula One schedule, Red Bull told the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile in December 2012 that they would be interested in hosting the Grand Prix.

Red Bull said in July 2013 that the Austrian Grand Prix would return to the Formula One World Championship in 2014. Nico Rosberg, who drives for Mercedes, won the race on 22 June 2014.


Who was Dietrich Mateschitz? Biography 2022, Wikipedia, age, cause of death, wife, football club, family, net worth 2022


Cause of death

On October 22, 2022, it was confirmed that Mateschitz had died after a prolonged illness.
The Austrian businessman, who founded the energy drink company in 1984, was instrumental in the brand’s participation in Formula 1.

Metschitz owned 49% of the energy drink brand and was the driving force behind the move into racing, which began in the mid-1990s.

Mateschitz’s family includes longtime companions Marion Feichtner and son Mark Gerhardt.

Mateschitz graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 1972 with a degree in marketing.

She worked for Unilever before moving to Blendax, a German cosmetic company owned by Procter & Gamble.

While traveling for work, he discovered crating dang, a drink developed by Chelio Yovidya that became Red Bull.

Red Bull first entered F1 in 1995 in partnership with Sauber, increasing its stake to 60 percent before the collaboration ended in late 2001.

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