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  Natalie Rickli acts as if she has Wahl '23 in the sack


SVP Darling unmasks herself: and declares the Federal Council’s renunciation of the “office as a government councilor”, which she will continue to exercise. deselection? For Rickli unthinkable.

Natalie Rickli
reveals a weakness that should never happen to a Swiss politician. In today’s Tages-Anzeiger interview about her renunciation of a Federal Council candidacy, the Zurich SVP model woman said:

“I have decided to hold office as a government councilor for at least four years and to work for the canton and the cantonal health system.”


#Bundesratswahlen: Vielen Dank für den grossen Zuspruch! Ich möchte meine Arbeit im Regierungsrat ZH fortsetzen. Die Bevölkerung soll sich weiterhin auf ein hervorragendes Gesundheitswesen verlassen können. Deshalb stehe ich für eine Bundesratskandidatur nicht zur Verfügung.

— Natalie Rickli (@NatalieRickli) October 5, 2022

No subjunctive, no wish. But fact. I’m hanging on to the next legislature.

Only: That is not guaranteed. On February 12, 2023, in 4 months, Rickli is standing for re-election as health director of the economic canton.

Nobody doubts their freestyle. And yet she is only in office when the people have raised her name a second time.

For Rickli, however, voting out is an impossibility. Outside the spectrum. Inconceivably.

Good politicians have a feeling about what is appropriate. They may be vain, self-absorbed bluffers. But they must never be caught disregarding the will of the voters.

That is exactly what Rickli has now accomplished. As the figurehead of the strong Zurich People’s Party, the attitude behind their statement in “Tagi” is: I decide what I’m entitled to.

Not the citizens.

Rickli’s understanding of democracy has atrophied. Apparently, the success has gotten into her head and has clouded her senses.

Always won, and never landed hard.

In doing so, Rickli transfigured her track record as a member of one of the country’s central executive bodies. In Covid, she was responsible for an expensive debacle with the vaccination village in Zurich main station a year ago.

Her two-week trip to the Maldives caused a stir at the wrong time – when the people felt they were in a “virus dungeon” at home.

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