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Loebinger’s Bitter Confession

Loebinger's Bitter Confession: Former pole vault star Tim Lobinger is fighting cancer again

Former pole vault star Tim Lobinger is fighting cancer again — and portraying a resigned approach.

This is a confession that sounds very bitter.

Former pole vaulter Tim Lobinger will lose his battle with cancer, according to his doctors

In February, doctors told me that death was imminent. I must make arrangements, deal with my funeral and say goodbye to my loved ones,” Lobinger said: “Conversations with my kids were tough. You know how bad I am.”

The former six-meter jumper has already spent more than 150 days in the hospital this year. The fact that the cancer is growing again is a blow to Loebinger, he weighs only 66 kg, standing at a height of 1.93 m.

This is not real life. A life worth living happens outside,” said Lobinger, who missed his son Okert’s school enrollment because of his illness.

Lobinger fights for his life

But the former world and European indoor champion doesn’t want to give up, maybe science will develop another medical option?

There are always little ways to gain strength and not lose hope. It is worth fighting for every day that I live and that I can spend with my family. ,

Following the end of his career, Loebinger initially worked as an athletic trainer for RB Leipzig before illness turned his life upside down five years earlier.

“It all started with joint problems. Suddenly dents started appearing all over my body. On legs, shoulders, head,” says the former competitive athlete, who recently failed to respond to innovative CAR T cell therapy.

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