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Sports Connect – The Netherlands and the United States are strong, innovative business partners in the field of sports

In sports, the only way to grow and keep growing is through the best grass to the highest education and best effort for the advancement of coaches and players. And from top-notch data-driven enhanced performance to setting and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. The experience and expertise of Dutch entrepreneurs are vital to the future of the sport and its continued development.


Dutch Sports Innovation Showcase

Dutch companies and organizations differentiate themselves internationally by the way they innovate and do business. Their holistic approach considers the entire system in which they operate and includes the entire value chain. This approach is well suited to the sports sector where venue operators, team management, municipal officials, infrastructure providers, vendors, and partners work together to develop athletes, deliver events, provide entertainment and build community connections.

For American organizations and entrepreneurs in the sports industry who want to learn more about the innovations coming out of the Netherlands, we present a handy tool: the Dutch Sports Innovation Showcase, an online guide to select Dutch organizations and entrepreneurs in the field of sports. displays to. A proven track record in the United States. Keywords: innovation, technology, vitality, greenery, fan engagement, business and investment, diversity and inclusion.

Download the showcase.


For more information: Deborah van den Brande, Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Green Sports), Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in San Francisco. Or Maurice Oderland, Senior Economic Policy Adviser (International Sports Business), Consulate General of the Netherlands in Miami.

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