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Ex Tomaso spent the night with her
Image Credit- the viraler

As reported by, Michelle Hunziker’s ex-Tommaso is said to have been with the presenter again.

Just a few days ago, Michelle Hunziker (45) and her ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti (58) were very intimate at one of their concerts. Speculations about a love comeback intensified again. But the fact that the presenter usually maintains good relations with her former colleagues is now evident even to the former Tommaso Trusardi, from whom she parted ways a few months ago.

In August, Michelle also wore a ring that Tommaso had once given her. More on that in the video above.

Michelle Hunziker on Tomaso: “I’ll Always Love Him”

The former and father of their two daughters Sol (8) and Celeste (7) are said to have reunited with them, as ‘’ reports in reference to the Italian magazine “Chi”. A photographer claims that as soon as she entered Michelle’s house in the evening, she saw the fashion heir and left the next morning. It is said that she was sleepy, and Nani had to take her wallet also on the road. Just harmonious co-parenting or a new chance for love? Michele recently said on Italian television: “It’s been ten wonderful years with two wonderful daughters who need to be saved, I love Tommaso very much and will love him forever.”

Michelle Hunziker: “I’m So Happy”

But Michelle Hunziker has more reasons to be happy. Her eldest daughter Aurora Ramjotti (25) will make her a grandmother for the first time early next year. The 25-year-old and her partner Goffredo Cerza are expecting a son and the expectant grandmother’s joy couldn’t be higher. Our reporter met with Michele Hunziker in Milan and talked to her about the joys of having a baby. “I’m so happy,” she enthused and her eyes lit up. “I cried for three weeks when I found out.”

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