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Child Actor Bhavin Rabari Wiki, Age, Family, parents, net worth, Biography & More

Bhavin Rabari is an Indian child actor, popularly recognized primarily for his performance in the Gujarati language film – ‘Chhelo Present’ (Trans. The Final Movie Present) – which is a World Award-winning film, and There’s a mighty contender at the Oscars. Bhavin appeared in the film as ‘Samay’ (protagonist).


Bhavin Rabari was born on 10 July 2014 in a small village (Vasai Village Jamnagar, Gujarat India) in Gujarat (age 8 years; as of 2022). Rising Up in Gujarat offered a huge option for Bhavin to be a part of the multi-award winning film ‘Chhelo Present’ as the film’s director Pan Nalin was looking for a candidate for the role of the protagonist (Samaya). who were reportedly residents of Gujarat?

Name Bhavin Rabari
Born 10 July 2014
Birthplac Vasai Village Jamnagar Gujarat India
Father’s Name Alabhai Nangesh (Bus Driver)
Mother’s Name Nathiben (housewife)
Siblings                                             one brother     
Age 8 years
Profession Film Artist
Fame Acting in Chello Show (Nominated for Oscar Award)
Education Study in primary school
School Rawalsar Wadi School Remote Village Vasai
Weight 25 to 30 kg
Height 4′ 0″
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Zodiac Cancer
Net Worth Don’t know


Bhavin belongs to a pooar Gujarati family.

Mother and Father and Siblings

Bhavin’s father drives a deluxe bus between cities in Gujarat, India. His mother is home maker and he has a younger brother.


Bhavin Rabari belongs to the Rabari (tribal community) group in Gujarat, India.

Bhavin made his debut in the Gujarati language film ‘Chhello Show’ in 2022. He appeared in the film as ‘Samay’.

Description / General Knowledge

    In an interview, the film’s director Pan Nalin revealed that Bhavin was one of the nearly 3,000 candidates who were selected for the post of protagonist.

    Responding to sources, Bhavin needed to be educated along with others to put microphones on their heads.

    Reportedly, Bhavin and co-child actors adopted a routine that included yoga, meditation, and faculty homework, after which they were shifted to different places to learn about.

    In an interview, Pan Nalin praised Bhavin Rabari’s performance in the film as a whole; Nevertheless, the director talked about a specific scene where Bhavin was required to shoot a scene using a 35mm celluloid print and recommended his exposure with it as it was harmful and would be useful if someone fell on it. Then there would be deep cuts. Pan Nalin said,

     While rehearsing that scene, we realized there was a good danger of belonging; Flawed means razor-sharp edges can cause a deep cut if you fall on these prints. However, our young actor Bhavin Rabari played the scene brilliantly not only once but 5 times!

    In response to Paan, a song from the film titled ‘That dude is cool’ was dedicated to Bhavin Rabari. He said that almost all your expectations for the film and the road ahead rested on Bhavin’s shoulders.


 Child artist of Chhelo show Bhavin Rabari: ‘I miss my home, my cattle, the food my mother cooked’

    Child actor Bhavin Rabari from the show Chhelo expresses his feeling about the importance of his Oscar-nominated film to him. He also shared what his life was like in his small village in Gujarat before acting in the film.

Child star Bhavin Rabari – India’s official selection for Oscar 2023 – The Chhelo Show – is one of the most promising child talents in Indian showbiz. And his story is exciting, fresh, new, and heartwarming all at once.

     Bhavin, who belongs to a Rabari tribal community from Gujarat, told in this interview with that his community is very proud of his achievement as he is the first person from his community to act in a film and go globally. However, this is not where his heart is, as he enjoys taking his cow ‘Lali’ and buffalo ‘Kari’ instead for a walk.

The young actor, just eight years old, said he didn’t know what an Oscar is?, and he only starred in the film Chhelo Show (The Last Film Show) at the behest of his teacher. It was his teacher who told him that he had been cast in a film. He acted with fun in the film.

 I have no idea what an Oscar award is. “I have just acted in the film. I came to know long after the shooting of the film was over.

I was told, ‘The film has been selected for the Oscars’. That’s when I found out what an Oscar is. I don’t get to watch a lot of movies, so I didn’t know how important it was.

Nalin sir informed us about this over a phone call. It is rare for us to watch movies. I don’t enjoy it much, but now I enjoy watching movies. I go to school in the morning and come back home in the afternoon, and then graze my animals in the field and have fun, I don’t know much about all this,” Bhavin said.

When asked how his family reacted to the offer to act in the film, he said, “I went to give the audition without informing my father, my father was a little upset about it, but my mother knew it all. But Nalin sir had explained everything to my father. Now I am busy promoting the film in Mumbai but my father is with me.”

Bhavin Rabari also shared how he has become a sensation overnight in his school.

“I study in the ‘primary pathshala’ (government primary school) of my village. All my friends go to the same school as me. My friends are happy that I am in the film, but I miss them a lot.”

Bhavin is also taking full care of his studies while promoting his film. Explaining how he does it all, the child artist said, “I am a good student in school, and I am good at studies. My teacher has helped me a lot as I am away from school. I take out time to do my studies because soon I have to appear in an exam. The film will hit the theaters on July 14

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