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Time change 2022: When are the states not participating?-Don’t let it pass! We’ll give you all the details about the next time change in Mexico as well as when and what states are not participating.

Time change 2022: When are the states not participating?


Time change 2022: When are the states not participating?

The time change in Mexico is a topic of conversation, especially after it was proposed to cancel one of them in the country. The Mexican Republic does not participate.

La closes corresponding to the next time change comienza el next lunes 31 de octubre del 2022.

In this sense, the inhabitants of Mexico will tend to delay their clocks by an hour, so they want to decide that there will be no hours of lost sweat on this occasion, although the days may seem less short due to the earlier night.

What are the states that do not participate in the time change in Mexico?

The time change is carried out in all states of the Republic, with the exception of the states of Sonora and Quinta Roo, where they participate in the time change in Mexico and most of its municipalities are exempted from doing so.

The reason is that in the 33 border municipalities of Sonora and Quintana, the new time is applied a few weeks earlier than in the rest of the country because they are synchronized with the time change in the United States.

In addition, in 2015, Quintana Roo changed the time zone to the group of 75 degrees west to be an hour ahead, with respect to the center of the country and so benefit from tourism with more hours of light on the beach.

The adjustment of time on computers, cell phones, and smart clocks is not necessary, as they are updated automatically.

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