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Exclusive: Liz Truss promises to boost the economy and take bold action against crimes


Liz Truss said: Let's unleash the power of London

The lease truce has vowed to keep London’s economy “firing on all cylinders” if England becomes prime minister next week.

She hailed the capital as a key to propelling the country through an economic storm with electricity bills skyrocketing in autumn. She also insisted she would be “London’s strongest champion”, amid fears the city would be short of funds due to the government’s leveling agenda.

As the economic cloud rolled over Britain, Ms. Truss wrote in the Standard: “London has long been the engine of our economy. When Londoners thrive, so does the rest of our United Kingdom.”

She continued, saying: “I know that some of the most backward and deprived areas of the country are present in the capital. So I will take bold action to keep London’s economy firing on all cylinders by cutting tax cuts, bold reforms, and removing regulation that constrains business.

She also launched a scathing attack on Mayor Sadiq Khan, highlighting the rising level of knife crime in the capital. He also called for crushing of the “extremist trade unions ruining London” and the “shocking violence” against women and girls.

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