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Hey people! Did the self-proclaimed Hobbit freak and ultimate movie buff see this whole The Rings of Power thing?


Let's Appreciate Greg Turkington's Appreciation of The Hobbit

All week long, The A.V. The club is marking the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power with a series of stories on all things, from the breakdown of another era to the incredibly thorough list of the weirdest video games based on LOTR Until recap.

The first two episodes of Prime Video’s very expensive new show by Matt Shimkowitz. But how on earth can we conclude such a celebration without mentioning everyone’s favorite movie buff, Greg Turkington, and his unwavering admiration and cheerleading for The Hobbit Trilogy? we could not. No, if we want some gold.

But wait. For those not yet familiar with the On Cinema universe, basically, On Cinema at the Cinema is a Siskel & Ebert-type show starring Tim Heidecker and Greg Turkington, Tim Heidecker and Greg Turkington, Let’s discuss upcoming movies.

Greg considers himself the “Real Mr. Movie” and the biggest critic of all time (though he’s none of those things, and talks more about the runtime and obscure, bad ’90s movies than he does on VHS. on The Boss), and Tim covers everything but the movies, which is whatever craze he’s into is completely gone: conspiracy theories or instant debt or vaping or a lot of alternative medicine or one of his awesome musical projects.

 Episodes of the series dropped on Adult Swim’s website until last year when the show moved to the HEI network—yes, the “Tim’s” network—where it’s an entirely subscriber-funded and offshoot series, thanks to the aforementioned shiny band and plot. Is on principles and even full-length. Movies, like Greg’s just-premier feature, Deck of Cards, are available to stream.

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