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Weatherman Frank Deboosere will retire in the spring of 2023. He announced this on Saturday in the program ‘De Weekwatchers’ on Radio 2.


Frank Deboosere will retire next year

Presenter Ruben Van Gucht reproached Deboosere in the live broadcast that he “has started the farewell tour”. “Yes, I’m 64. Apparently that’s the rules. This is the farewell tour, but it’s going to take a very long time,” Deboosere replied.

Frank Deboosere followed in March 1987, together with three other presenters, Armand Pien as a weatherman for the then BRT. Since 1997, only Frank Deboosere and Sabine Hagedoren remained on the VRT weather team, with Bram Verbruggen since 2019.

In addition, Frank Deboosere has been campaign manager for Kom op Tegen Kanker since 2003. Deboosere, an avid cyclist, also regularly shows that he is committed to the issue of climate change.

Before retiring, the weatherman records another news series from his podcast Planet Frank. You can ask questions for the podcast about the climate via social media or email.

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