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நானே வருவேன் | Nane Varuvan Review: Half the surprises... the rest disappointments!

நானே வருவேன் | Nane Varuvan Review: Half the surprises… the rest disappointments!

The teaser of the film is online whether the father who did anything for his daughter won the final battle or not. Prabhu (Dhanush) lives a happy life with his wife and daughter. A father’s world is his one daughter. Suddenly there is an unusual change in the behavior of his daughter. Upset by his daughter’s strange behavior of talking alone at night without sleeping, the father struggles to save her. Did he finally save his daughter in such a struggle? What’s the problem with him? What is the story behind all this? The film which tells these things in a horror-thriller style is ‘Nane Varuvan’.

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The scene of Dhanush walking in slow motion in the song ‘Veera Sura Deera Vada’ creates a buzz in the theatre. A gentle-mannered ‘gentleman’ with glasses, and a big beard. A demonic ‘Kiran’ in a flat-headed, clean-shaven form. Dhanush has very well differentiated the merits of both the characters with his performance. Even though we have already seen two such bows in the film ‘Kodi’, Menkettu has shown innovation in not sticking to his image. Especially the scenes where the face is tilted and the eyes are rolled up to reveal the fieriness of the glass!

Selvaraghavan impresses with his menacing looks even when he comes for a few minutes. Induja Ravichandran has given the expected performance. Little girl Hiya Thave, who plays the role of a daughter, stirs the central spirit of the film with her performance. In the second part, actress Elli Avram’s performance and the boys playing the childhood version of Dhanush and his sons strengthen the story. Also, Yogi Babu, the elite character is not needed much on screen.

The Dhanush-Selvaraghavan alliance has become possible after almost 11 years. But this time Selvaraghavan filmed the story of Dhanush. Though it is a familiar story from ‘Kanchana’ to ‘Conjuring’, the first half of the film is full of interesting suspense as the script wraps itself around various knots.

Emphasizing the story without mass scenes, the first half of the film captures the excitement of the audience by recording the father-daughter affection and helplessness of a father who cannot save his daughter, as well as some paranormal scenes. Especially the fans are telling the twist coming on the break as ‘Selva Sir Scandal’.

The plot around plot is weakly written and artificial, so the events around it don’t really keep us hooked to the screen. Too many logical questions do not make the script of the second half interesting and only pass in the form of scenes. In particular, the psychological problem of Kathir’s character and his background is not clarified and only demonic is shown, this fences off bliss on more than one level.

The father-daughter affection, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Goosebump background music, the way old songs are adapted to the scenes, the song ‘Veera Sura’, and some interesting sequences are the things that keep the film hooked. Om Prakash’s cinematography features white nights, dense forests, and fight scenes.

Overall, while the first half was interesting in horror-thriller style with suspense, the second half of ‘Nane Varune’ is lacking due to logical errors and weak script.

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