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Zoonotic Langya Virus: Now ‘Zonotic Langya Virus’ found in China, 35 people infected, know how dangerous this virus is

What is Zoonotic Langya Virus, Symptoms and Prevention

What is Zoonotic Langya Virus, Symptoms and Prevention

Zoonotic Langya Virus-: First coronavirus then monkeypox virus and now another new virus has been found in China, the name of this new virus is zoonotic Langya virus. So far 35 people have been infected with this virus in China. Know what this virus is and how much damage it can cause. How alert does India need to be?


What is Zoonotic Langya Virus, Symptoms and Prevention

Zoonotic Langya Virus – The outbreak of the coronavirus was not yet completely over that the monkeypox virus started to scare and now another new virus has been found which has infected 35 people so far. This virus is – Zoonotic Langya Virus – Zoonotic Langya Virus.

This virus has been detected in China. Langya henipavirus has been found in the Shandong and Henan provinces of China. According to the news agency Taipei Times, this virus can spread from animals to humans. Taiwan’s organization ‘Taiwan Center for Disease Control has reported that so far about 35 people have been infected with the zoonotic Langya virus. Media reports have claimed that Taiwan will start nucleic acid testing methods to identify and monitor infection with this virus.

Taiwan told – this has come to the fore in the study

Chuang Zhen-Siang, deputy director general of the CDC of Taiwan, informed on Sunday that studies about this virus have shown that human-to-human transmission of the virus means that it does not spread from human to human. However, he also clarified that the CDC cannot yet say that the virus cannot spread from person to person. He has asked people to remain vigilant about this until more information about this virus comes to the fore.

Symptoms of Zoonotic Langya Virus have been found in Goats and Dogs

The CDC’s deputy director general said that so far 2% of cases have been found in goats and 5% in dogs in surveys conducted on domestic animals. He said that the results of tests conducted on 25 wild animal species suggest that moles may be the main cause of the spread of this Langya Henipavirus.

Not only this, the report “A zoonotic henipavirus in febrile patients in China” published on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine states that a new henipavirus has been identified in China, which causes febrile (febrile) disease in humans. generating.

35 patients found in Shandong-Henan, China, what are the symptoms

In the investigation so far, it has been found that 35 patients infected with Langya henipavirus have been found in the Shandong and Henan provinces of China. Chuang said that 35 patients in China have had no contact with each other, nor have any infected been found in the families and close relatives of these patients. He told that symptoms like fever, fatigue, cough, loss of appetite, muscle pain, headache, and vomiting have been found in 26 out of 35 patients. A decrease in white blood cells is also being found in the blood report of people who have been affected by this virus. Not only this, but symptoms like low platelets, liver failure, and kidney failure have also been found in patients.

China was insulted worldwide due to Corona

Let us tell you that there was a lot of notoriety all over the world due to hiding information related to the coronavirus. People living in Shanghai have faced extreme hardships due to China’s zero-covid policy and have been subjected to incidents of neglect, abuse, and harassment, videos of which have gone viral on social media and showing gross human rights violations. has been confirmed.

China has opposed Taiwan as an observer in the World Health Assembly (WHA), an organization related to the United Nations, and for the sixth year in a row, Taiwan has been denied participation in the conference because Taiwan itself requested it because China The U.S. government is blocking Taiwan’s representation.

Taiwan was praised for fighting the Kovid virus

China was not transparent in the way it was managing it (Covid), and the way it was only concerned about its own interests.

In contrast, Taiwan has been able to cope better with COVID 19 than other countries. Taiwan has done a great job in containing COVID and shared its challenges transparently with the world. Thus, unlike China, these efforts of Taiwan were appreciated all over the world.

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